Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lifeguard Needed?

Yesterday I got exactly zilch accomplished.  And there's only so many times I can blame the weather, ya know?  Let's just say I'm still trapped in the kitty toys and I'm drowning. 

Okay.  First things first.  I need to sit down and make a list of everything I need to do and prioritize!  Regardless of what else I do today, I must prioritize or I'll never make it out of this self-imposed quicksand.


I think I might need an assistant.  Or at least a lifeguard.

Do you think lifeguards work in quicksand?


  1. Lifeguards totally work in quicksand. They are tried to survive anything!

    Good luck

  2. When you're making your list, B.E., put everything on it so you can cross off and feel a sense of accomplishment (even if it's just doing the dishes).

    Good luck with the list - and finding a lifeguard :)

  3. Lists work amazingly! Good luck! And some days of getting nothing accomplished is necessary!!

  4. Lists are awesome! I agree with Janet about crossing things off so you can feel like your day wasn't wasted!

  5. Good luck and I hope you get a hunky lifeguard!