Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Caution Rewrite Ahead

It's not even six and I've been up for almost two and a half hours, so forgive any wandering or weirdness from me today.

So, yesterday I sat down with the printed pages of Nano.  Re-reading that first scene...  ugh.  It's got good bones, but the central character, Payton (the guy in the snippet I posted last night) is coming off as weak.  He's not a weak guy.  He couldn't be with the position he holds.  He's just caught between obeying orders and obeying his integrity.  I can make this work.  I just need to rewrite it.

I have a feeling most of the scenes have good bones, but need to be rewritten.  Such is the life of a plansterer.  I know what I intended for each scene, but I pantsed my way through them.  Now I have to go back and fix where my plans and my pantsing didn't agree.

Editing.  What fun.

In other news, I'm just about ready to write some new words.  Right now it's a toss-up between working on the sequel to Djinnocide and leaping into my idea file for something totally different.  Now that's real fun.

What are you up to these days?


  1. Rewriting is hard, but I think it can be what turns a good story into a great one.

  2. I still have about 30k words to do yet before my Nano book is finished. I can't wait to start knocking it into shape. No doubt when I start I'll find so much wrong with it that it's going to take far longer than I'd anticipated.

  3. I'm mostly focused on the first draft of the second book in my trilogy. Rewrites in the future for book one though!

  4. Write something new and totally different! It's the best way to distance yourself from your current novel during the editing phase.