Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Round Up

Well, as we come to the end of another eventful week, I thought I'd pop in and post a little somethin' about how this week went...

On the writing front, I'm still not doing it.  It's actually nice to step away for a while.  Although, I haven't stepped away entirely.  I printed off the first chapter of my old buddy Caldera and determined it needs a total rewrite if it's ever going to see the light of day.  (In fact, that sentiment is now written in big red letters across the top of that printed pile of steaming words.)  Rather than jump into that, though, I thought about revisiting my other buddy Nano.  That sucker has never really been finished - not even in the 'I don't know any better, so yeah, it's done' way. 

And it just so happens Husband was watching a History Channel show on... Nanotechnology!  It pretty much proved out the theories underlying my plot, so this manuscript is certainly viable.  Now I just have to get it finished so I can get it out to agents before someone else makes it to market with a similar novel.  My big stack of plot notecards is sitting on the coffee table next to my spot on the couch.  They're taunting me.  It's just such a monumental undertaking that it scares the crud out of me.  Scared or not, I start tomorrow.  And if I have to print the whole darned thing out - again - I will.  So there.  Take that you taciturn manuscript.

In personal news, I spent the week hashing out college stuff for Daughter.  You know, things like where she wants to live vs where we can afford for her to live.  How many meals she needs to eat a week.  Finding out which dorm is the 'party dorm' so we can steer clear of it.  Weeeee.  We have until 3/1 to finish the housing app.  Tick tock tick tock.  She also finally got her scholarship application turned in.  Oh, and we found out she didn't get into the Honors Program.  1300 kids applied, 350 got in.  She's bummed, but the odds were against her anyway.

We also weathered a minor personal storm this week.  No one died - even if I wanted to kill a couple people.  We still have income, we still have a home, and we're all healthy.  That's what's important.  Right?  Not whether certain anencephalic twerps wield their ignorance like an ogre with a club.  :deep breath:  Ahh, living well is the best revenge.

Back to the writing...  Djinnocide is out there again.  No news yet on any of the queries sent, and I'm still waiting on the person who's has my partial since last November to respond.  (Yeah, I nudged her last week.  Still nada.)  As always, I won't be giving query stats out here for the world so see.  If you really want to know, though, email me and we'll talk.

How are things going in your life?  How's the writing treating you these days?  Got anything to dish?

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