Monday, February 21, 2011


It's Presidents' Day.  And I'm bored.  I think I oughta just go back to bed and restart this day.  Do over!  Maybe after a few more cups of java, I'll be raring to go rather than looking like this:

No mail.  No banking.  No school.  Hubs and Daughter both have the day off.  Boring.  The stupid sale I thought started today starts Wednesday, so that case of paper I need will have to wait.  (20% off, people.)  And since I'm almost out of paper, that leaves printing Nano off until I have more paper.


Maybe I'll get dressed and hit the grocery store.  Snag some breakfast that I don't have to cook.  Buy a gas-station cappuccino... that'll wake me up.

Or not.  I need to light a fire under my butt.  Jumpstart my gumption hump.  Something.

I'll be back later if my motivation finally arrives.  Until then, consider me bored.

ETA:  I didn't find my motivation, but I'm forging ahead anyway.  I already went grocery shopping, decided I don't need that much paper since I don't really have to print the whole damn thing at once, and am currently working on paginating Nano, so I know what to tell my printer to print.  Oh, and I ate breakfast, which helped. 


  1. Why don't you write? Or revise or something? Sounds like a good way to cure boredom!

  2. Here's a match; I'll light it and aim at your backside.
    Did it work?

  3. Thanks, Melissa. I'm getting ready to work on revisions for my book Nano. And thanks, Lydia, for the match. It worked. ;o)

  4. Well it sounds as if you did get some of your jobs out of the way in the end even if you didn't manage to find your motivation.

  5. HA! NO MAIL!?!?! Okay...I forgot about that. Monday officially crushed! I was sure a package was going to come today. BUT NO. Frik...

    Glad you got some accomplished today. Lazing around isn't too bad either ;)