Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Done dun dun done DONE

In case you missed it last night on Facebook.  I finished UEQ's first draft.  UEQ, btw, is code for Unequal.  It's a dystopian novel set against the backdrop of a world where everyone is equal - and it's against the law to be different.  So, of course, the heroine has to fight to be herself in a society where being who she wants to be could get her killed.


I love this book.  It's still pretty ugly.  I had to hack my way through the plot-jungle several times and the path isn't always the clearest thing.  But that's okay.  I can trim it up and make it pretty during the edits.  The point is that it is DONE.

Editing will start next month.  The rest of February will be devoted to working on getting DLN out there and to seeing what else I have that someone might be interested in.  Look for my 'Agent Sites' post to be updated in the near future. 

In other news, we're in the midst of yet another winter storm.  It's ZERO degrees right now.  Perfect day for working, reading and crocheting.  I'll also be shoveling.  I'm telling you, if I see that friggin; groundhog, he's a dead man.  Early Spring my ass.

How are things with you?  Anything exciting to share?  How's the weather out your way? 


  1. YAY for finishing your first draft! So exciting =)

  2. COngrats on finishing!

    I should have exciting news in the form of a cover very soon...

  3. Congratulations on finishing your first draft. I've just finished editing a book and am spending a few days catching up with reading before I carrying on with the wip.

    It's been very foggy here for most of the day and about 5 degrees.

  4. Congratulations! So happy for you! I hope you celebrate -- finishing the first draft is a big deal!

    Still working on revisions for the new WIP. There are good days and bad days... so it goes.

  5. I said I'd be over - better late than never.

    Huge Congrats once again on finishing the manuscript. Your enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment ooze from this post. Well done, B.E.

  6. Congrats dear on the completion of your first draft. Keep up the good work!