Monday, January 31, 2011

Frickin' Freezin'

I know I'm not the only one up to my armpits in extreme winter weather, but this cold snap is kicking my butt.  Maybe that's because a couple days ago it was in the 60s here.  Big temperature jumps leave me feeling skudgy.

Okay, so it's January 31st.  I still didn't get the WIP finished, and tomorrow's not looking good either.  On the upside (because there's always an upside if you know where to look), I'm reading lots and getting a bunch of crocheting done.  When it's cold like this, that's about all I want to do.  Well, that and sleep.

Who exactly ordered this sweep of northern crud?  It's ridiculous. I mean, seriously, they were saying there's a blizzard warning for Oklahoma City for petesakes.  When I have to dress like Nanook of the North to have a smoke, that's too much winter. 

Is it frickin' freezin' where you are, or are you one of the lucky few who didn't catch that tundra crap dropping out of the arctic? 

And as an aside, raise your hand if you remember Nanook of the North.


  1. This past weekend was so unusually nice! This cold/freezing rain/Armageddon whatever that everyone is freaking out about coming in tonight is really bumming me out! Hope you stay warm and make some progress!!

  2. Maybe not a blizzard warning, but something close for Dallas, too. Ridiculous! Battening down the hatches here in central Texas.

    Two days ago I thought we were in for an early spring. Silly me.

  3. It's really cold where I am too. It sucks!

  4. It's freaking freezing here too (Maryland), but I actually enjoy the cold weather. And yes, my middle name does happen to be "Insane."

  5. *Hand Raised*

    AND - I lived where he did, or close to :) Everytime I complain about the cold, I try to remember than I lived on the coast of the Arctic Ocean for 4 years of my life! Then, I try to remember I lived in a northern town in the Canadian Prairies, where cold was just how it was. But yesterday it was -10C (14F) and I complained it was cold!

    Stay warm - we've got a system moving up for tomorrow (tons of snow), so I think I'll hunker down and pull out some cross stitch.

  6. Reading a lot means research! That's what I keep telling myself. :P