Monday, January 3, 2011

New Books! Yay!

I went out of town today on a post-Christmas book buying spree.  Now I'm too tired to do anything... well, except read.  ;o)

I'll post about my stash tomorrow.  I picked up some new-to-me authors - along with a few favs - that should be fun reads.  (I hope.)

What are you reading lately?  Find any new authors to chat about?  Feel free to dish.  The only activity I love as much as writing is reading.


  1. I got 40 books in the last month!!! I'm insanely excited to get through them all.

  2. There are always a few authors I recommend.

    Tess Gerritsen because she is my favorite. I love her medical thriller/crime mystery style.

    Cormac McCarthy because, well, he's Cormac McCarthy. There is a simplicity and depth to his writing I wish I could achieve without seeming to try so hard.

    If it weren't twenty to four in the morning I'm sure there would be others. Can't wait to hear which books you've got and how you like them so far!

  3. Looking forward to the list, B.E. I just finished a Victoria Dahl - pretty good. Of course, I have a ton of favortie authors - too many to list!

    I'm jealous of Melissa's 40 book haul - and I, too, love Cormac McCarthy and Tess Gerritsen along with Tracy Z.

    Happy New Year, B.E. :)