Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red Ink Notes - Day 2

I like to think yesterday's crocheting and subsequent note process was more productive.  I'm close to having the answers (and I'm pretty sure I'll still have to rewrite a bunch of this WIP).

Anyway...  Picking up where we left off:

(pg 2)

The best will always rise no matter what people do to make them X.

So, given that, how does Rue rise?
- she's already doing what she wants
- she doesn't want to lead
- even if A dies?

Okay, here's the rub - (or one of them anyway) - 
- Rue doesn't believe A's plan will lead to anything but bloodshed.
- Z is nuts and getting worse, so who the hell is really leading and how did someone like him get into a position to lead the agency anyway?
- B is a douchebag traitor.  So??

Damn you've got this thing so squirreled up, no wonder you're screwed.

Complex plot is one thing - squirreled is another.  Figure it out and fix it.

Plot points

Rue is a self taught (occupation), a loner who isn't comfortable working with other people, who's thrown into a situation where she has to trust strangers.

That's not a plot point, you idiot.  Do you not know how to parse your fucking writing?  You know how to write - figure it out.

(time passes)

What's going on with Rue now?  She's being out of character - ie a whiny simp.  Understandable considering she's thrust into her old home - confronting a whacked out Z.  Get over it.  Step up.

A is either hurt bad or dead, which makes Q fall apart and Rue step up.

(time passes)

Are you over thinking this?  Trying too hard to make this series-able?  Focus on the one book.  Have to finish one before you could sell more.

Okay, so Rue steps up - have to organize the U to oust the D.
- save A?  Could fix it so Rue goes down & he's not there - just a lot of blood.  - trail leads out to garage

(more time passes)

You can't save A.  (new plot points for the next three paragraphs - with notes on how to go back and fix the earlier parts of the book to make the end make sense)

But where does it go from there?!

The long and short of yesterday's on-paper bitch session is: I think I have enough to start writing again.  I still don't know exactly where I'll end up, but I can probably get another chapter or two out before I hit another wall.  Who knows, maybe by the time I write the new material, I'll have figured the rest out.

Oh, the fun of being a plansterer.  Sometimes it feels like I'm hacking my way through rainforest undergrowth with a dull machete.  Yippee.

On the upside, I got a lot of crocheting done and between times, I did some more epub research.  Oh, and last night, I started tweaking my suspense manuscript to make it ready for submission (should I ever find an epub that doesn't suck and accepts suspense submissions sans romance).  I really do love EditMinion - and George (my Minion) loves my manuscript, too.  Yay.

What are you up to this weekend?  Anything good?

ETA: Go Pack!  Go Steelers!

Also ETA: I got my wish!  Damn.  I shoulda put money on those games.  I can't wait for the Super Bowl.


  1. Ha that one of them is a douchebag traitor. That should be the one that ultimately turns into the hero...LOL!

    We went and saw "The King's Speech." It was outstanding!

  2. Absolutely fabulous, B.E.

    I love the advice you give yourself about making the manuscript a series - and the point of just getting the first book published. I'm constantly telling myself to focus.

    Still looking for my notebook where I wrote some letters to myself from my characters. The other 'hashings' I found were not meant for anyone's eyes but my own (and even then, I almost poked them out - so hard on ourselves).

  3. Heh, I have other plans for him, Alleged. :evil grin:

    I'm always giving myself advice, Janet. I just always listen. No eye-poking over old notes. I shudder to think how bad my notes have been over the years.