Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday This n That

You know, I realized something the other day.  I am so over vampires.  Pretty much over werewolves, too, except for a specific author.  Still okay with other paranormals, though.  It's just when I see 'vampires' in the detail for a book, I keep scrolling.  Meh.  I guess they're okay as a tertiary character - vampires make an appearance in Wish Hits the Fan, for instance, but they are only present because reasons.  And none of them are core characters or even minor characters with a chance at their own story.  I thought about doing a side story with the Rusalka, but never with the vamps.

You know how sometimes it seems like as soon as you buy something, you see it on sale somewhere?  I think it's working in my favor right now.  It seems like as soon as I have a a Kindle Countdown Deal set up for one of my books, someone buys a copy at full price.  I feel bad for that person, whoever they are.  The universe is cruel sometimes.

I can't believe it's Thursday already.  Not sure where the rest of the week went. 

I bought some votive candles the other day in a few nice scents - hazelnut, vanilla, and a blue one I can't figure out.  They don't last very long, but they were cheap.  A side-happy about them is the cupboard where I keep them smells lovely right now.

Tick season has arrived.  I found one when I was cleaning leaves out of the gardens.  Ticks love leaf litter, doncha know.  Anyway, I saw it crawling along a dead leaf, so I got it and squashed it.  It made me sad - seeing it, not killing it - because it means my time in the woods is drawing to a close until autumn.  =o(

Which reminds me, I need to order more pesticide so Hubs can spray the yard.  Tick-mageddon 2019. Yay.

Speaking of ticks, we had a possum in the yard the other day.  Yay!  Possums eat tons of ticks.  So do turkeys, and we're seeing a bunch of those.  Turkey lovin' is in the air once more.  The main rafter of about 15 hens is back and the two dominant toms are following them everywhere - all puffed up and in the mood for romance.  Too bad for them the girls aren't quite ready for romance yet. 

Okay, that's enough out of me this morning.  You got anything to share?


  1. I'm tired of vampires as main characters, too, but I don't mind them in the background. In fact, I think Anne Rice cured me of any vampire enjoyment ages ago. The first couple of books were good, but she got too kinky.

    Turkeys eat ticks? I'll stop cussing at the damage they do in my yard.

    The sun is out, it's warming up, and the farmers are plowing and seeding. I think it's Spring! :-)

    It's dad-sitting day, so I gotta run. Bunch of stuff to do before I leave.

  2. Other than my own vamp, I'm not all that into them either, though I am attempting a read of the Black Dagger Brotherhood again. Okay, a listen. Maybe not being faced with the weird spellings will help. I read a newish novella set in the world and I sat here boohooing over it so I decided to give the series another try. I gave up somewhere in the middle of book 2 or 3 back a long time ago and I think I need the background to truly understand the newer books that had samples I found interesting.

    It was COLD this morning but going to 65 this afternoon. The local weather guru says we're in for a cooler, wetter spring with a greater chance of tornadoes, as compared to last year. Uhm...last year was a drought year with no noticiable winter and very few tornadoes. LOL

    I'm attempting to relearn how to use the music soundtrack app and the Windows movie maker thingy to make a book trailer. I spent most of yesterday finding images to fit my script. Now I need to figure out what size they need to be. Gotta do the picks before I do the music.

    I miss sleep. I do not miss being tired all the time. I think the two are connected.

    It should not be Thursday yet. It should be...Tuesday. Or something.

    I hate ticks. Didn't know possums ate them. Maybe I won't discourage the occasional possum that wanders through, though with my boys, they enter the back yard at their own risk. Good thing the boys are dumb and once the critter "plays possum" they lose interest so I can stuff the "dead" critter into a plastic bag and remove to the driveway so they can scamper off once I depart the area. Fun times. Not.

    I have two feral kittens I would love to socialize and keep. I'd like to catch the adults and get them neutered. I'd also like to win the lottery so I could afford to do those things.

    I think that's all for me. I need to get back to figuring out the stuffs for the trailer. Laters...