Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday This n That

The bird of the day is the belted kingfisher.  I love these birds.  They keep me company at the lake and make me laugh with their funny little calls and their diving for fish.

So, FB was down for most of the day yesterday, which was weird.  I immediately thought of all the people who had planned marketing bursts for yesterday and I thanked my lucky stars that my sale was over. 

I'm eternally grateful the general populace can't see the sticky notes on my desk.  There's one there now to remind me of a plot point I want to fix later in UatB.  If anyone else read it without context, I'd probably be put in a loony-bin. 

Where I lived in CO got hammered with snow yesterday.  I admit I giggled.  There might be a half-dozen people I knew left there that I feel bad for.  The rest of the people I knew?  It's karma. 

Yes, I am petty and spiteful.  And I hold grudges.  It's not keeping me up at night or anything, but I don't forget or forgive being wronged.  (Okay, maybe sometimes it keeps me up at night.  Never can tell what the brain will focus on when I'm trying to fall asleep.)

I'm out of vanilla ice cream, but I still have brownies left.  Gah.  Speaking of ice cream, Wallyworld has something called Salted Caramel Chocolate Crunch that is the bomb.  Chocolate caramel ice cream with a caramel ribbon and crunchy chocolate-covered honey bits.  OMG.

The cardinals know Spring is coming.  We're hearing the males singing their songs of love.  The mourning doves are also cooing for a mate.  I can't wait until it's warm enough to hear the frogs again.  Spring Peepers are the best harbingers of Spring.

I can't wait until we start seeing the deer getting fat with babies.  Should be in the next few weeks.  Yay.

It's super windy here this morning.  Bleh.

Okay, that's it for me.  What are your this n thats today?


  1. I was off-line part of the time yesterday too. Glad the FB thing was them, not me. They probably got hacked--or were trying to hide stuff from the EU and USDOJ. In my case, it was the wind. We had 50 mph sustained winds that kept messing with the power lines. After the fourth lights flickering event, which actually knocked wifi and computer off, I shut it down. Still windy today, and chilly, but normal wind, not the edges of that bombacyclone thing.

    My doves are all lovey-dovey except the females are having none of it. The squirrels are frisky, robins are sneaking up on the front porch to eat wild-cat food.

    Speaking of, the mucklety kitten is starting to hang around over here more. The black kitten is hanging with mom across the street, except to come over here to eat. Mucklety is all alone. I'm hoping to make headway domesticating. I'd keep it! This morning, one of the big black cats (who's been in a fight and lost some fur on its head) came nose to nose with muckletykit. It did not turn out well so I'm hoping the kit will come back. :/

    My sleep patterns are all messed up from the time change. It's not like I can just "fall back" into the time zone that we "sprang forward" into. The dogs and cats are confused too.

    Deeders is feeling some better but still having problems with her hind legs. She sort of waddle-walks but she can move from room to room and is starting to come into my office to demand pets now. Still feeding her strictly gushy food. I break her feedings into 1/4 can at a time, 4 times a day. She lets me know about two hours before feeding time that she's hungry. LOL

    That's about all the this I have for the moment. ;) Have a great day!

  2. When I went walking this morning, seven deer crossed the road not 100 feet away from me. Shows how scary I am. :-)

    We had crazy wind here, too. I turned off the computer and read. That's my cure for all that ails me.