Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 11

Around again to another weekly update.  Any week you can walk away from is a good week.

I'm not writing anything at this time because I'm editing.  I haven't exactly made it very far on that either, but I'm trying to get some semblance of gumption going.

No marketing this past week either.  I don't have any sales planned until early next month, so there really isn't much to get all rah-rah about.  I have books.  They're out there.  I hope people will buy them.  I did have someone buy a copy of Blink last week, which I assume came about because they'd picked up Unequal during the freebie last month, read it, and loved it enough to slap down $4.99 for Blink.  And that's what freebies are all about.

Last week was pre-shot week (got the shot Friday), so we won't talk about weight.  I always gain weight in the days leading up to my shot.  Maybe I'll have better news next week, when the hormonal weight has dropped off again.

It wasn't a great week for being active either.  I really only got the body moving on Friday when I began cleaning up the garden beds.  Then Saturday, I got about an hour of woods work done before I tweaked an ankle.  It's fine, but I didn't want to push my luck.

Speaking of gardens, for the first time, one of my half-dozen anemones is blooming.  It's dark purple.  I'm calling it a major win, since I thought all those bulbs were dead.  I also have hyacinths trying to bloom, but they got shocked by the hard freeze we had, so they're kind of pathetic.  Also pathetic are my 2 remaining crocus plants and my few daffodils.  The irises are doing well, though.  The lilac has tiny leaves coming out.  The big hydrangea has leaf buds and the little hydrangea lost all its leaves over winter but has one tiny shoot. The peonies are up and so are the columbines.  The older sedums are pushing through the leaves.  No word on the new ones, but if they survived the winter, I'll be moving them to a better bed.

Last week, I made a vat of chili and a bigger vat of spaghetti sauce.  I have a freezer full of leftovers now.  I also made a batch of brownies (which are all gone) and a batch of cake cookies.

Another win for the week was that I found Russel Stover Maple Cream Eggs - two for a dollar.  OMG, so good.  I only bought two - one for me and one for Hubs.  Should've bought more, but lord knows, my butt doesn't need them.  Will power.  Must have will power.

And that's it for me.  What have you been up to lately?


  1. You've been doing stuff. Me? Not so much.

    Spent two days totally frustrated over technology stuff that wasn't even MY technology stuff--a new projector for the romance chapter so people can do Power Point stuffs. Turned out, the speaker who needed the stuff was sick and didn't come. I know how time to figure it out. I think I have the Windows version in hand--without actually trying because...reasons. I'm waiting on a connector to see if I can get the Mac to work.

    I'm doing lots of book listening--to a series whose author drives me nuts due to some problems in her continuity and total lack of knowledge or disregard for such when it comes to LEO/Fire/Rescue stuffs. Still...her characters and the emotional stuff? I shudder at the buggy stuff and keep listening.

    I'm going to get the damn Desire restarted. I actually got two paragraphs done yesterday betwixt and between.

    LG had a meltdown yesterday. I thought Only and he were going to duke it out. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, Stormy's b-day party turned out mostly ok.

    The weather's nice. I should go stand outside. Maybe I'll clean the dog pools and feed the wild critters. Or not...

    I need a nap.

    My life is so exciting. LOLOL

  2. Yay for your anemone! My magnolia bloomed, but high winds beat her up. Poor thing's petals are all on the ground. The mulberries are trying to leaf out. Everything else is still asleep, which may be a good thing, given the crazy weather.

    The dressmaking book is coming along nicely, but I may need to put it out as two volumes. It's waaaay too long, and I have a year and a half yet to cover. Sigh.