Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 3/16/19

Not much reading happened this past week.  I finished one book and then got sucked into editing - which means my Kindle is tied up right now.  I meant to pick up a paperback, but nothing sounded interesting.  Until yesterday, when I just grabbed an old romance.  I inhaled it in a few hours.

Books obtained:  I picked up a couple of ebook cozy mysteries that sound fun.

eBooks left to read:  I still have the eight left from before - a thriller, 2 suspense, and 4 paranormal.

Books read:

22) Valley of the Butterflies by Anne Shore (3/15/19) - Romance - 5 stars.  New to me, but old enough that it's probably less appreciated now than when it came out.
Review: " Great story, although I do admit I kind of wanted to pinch the heroine a little there at the beginning. But that's how the tension got started and moved the story along, so I went with it. And it all worked out with a happy ending, of course."

21) Death on Tyneside by Eileen Thornton (3/10/19) - Mystery*2 - 5 stars.  Not new to me and not necessarily underappreciated, but it is a second book and I said I would read more second books this year.  Got this one for free after seeing an ad on the Kindle/ Book Club FB group.
Review: "Ooo, I really enjoyed this one. Even more than the first."

DNFs: Nope

Currently reading:  Your guess is as good as mine. I have a bunch of stuff that sounds good, but not a single one of them is jumping to the front of the pack screaming 'read me, read me'.

What wonderful things have you read this past week?  Anything you're looking forward to?

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  1. I'm listening to a contemporary motorcycle/cop/firefighter semi-suspense series of books by an author who is definitely appreciated and I often wonder why, except I keep checking her audio books from the library even though some of the "technical" stuff drives me crazy, but I still binge listen. Weird. Yes. They're all 3 stars--I like them but stuff bugs me and I don't read unless I can get free from the library.

    Earlier, I did a quick re-listen to the last few books in Anne Bishop's The Others series. She's definitely not underappreciated and I love this fantasy series. The re-listen was a lead up to her newest release, WILD COUNTRY. Then I went back and listened to a book set in the world but not so much centering on secondary characters becoming main characters from the original series.

    Not sure what I'll grab next. Still have two more books in the Dixie Warden series after I finish the current one. I'll just have to see where my brain is.

    Happy reading!