Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Blathering on in a Meandering Sort of Way

At a loss for what to talk about today, I first attempted a post that turned into a rant, so I deleted it.  No one wants to hear me rant.  I don't even want to hear me rant.

Then I thought maybe I could post a picture.  I went into my photo files and almost got lost down that rabbit hole, but I didn't find anything that really excited me for a morning post.  I mean, I looked at some old pictures of me.  Man, was I ever that skinny?  I looked like someone had starved me for months.  And other pictures with that eighties hair??  Holy cow.  I thought I had a photo of me at work.  Sort of a retrospective kind of thing.  But I discovered those aren't digitized and I don't feel like going through the albums to find it, then scan it and all that junk. 

I also looked at some art shots I've taken.  Good stuff, but not really in the mood for artsy today. 

So, here's this post.  It's about nothing.  Not in the Seinfeld way, either.  (And by the way, what is it about Seinfeld?  Seriously.  I mean, I've known a couple people who were totally obsessed with that show, which is why I have seen every episode multiple times.  Even so, I don't get it.) 

This is just me, blathering on in a meandering sort of way, so you don't feel like your stop here was totally wasted.  Or maybe you do feel that way.  Sorry about that.

What's up with you?

And here's one of the art shots I took years ago and then played with so it looked like a painting...

Just a little family walking past my house on their way to the parade.  All those redheads, I had to take a picture.  So cute.


  1. I remember one picture of Greg and me in the 70s after we bought our first house. We were so skinny! Looking back I think we probably weren't eating enough because a picture of us a year earlier before we married and we looked well fed. LOL!

    By the 80s we were eating again and looked buff. Lots of muscles.

    Now we're plump as partridges but everything hurts. :(

    re: Seinfeld
    I don't get it either. It was okay. A few memorable episodes but nothing I had to watch.

  2. Weasleys! My next-door neighbors are Weasleys. We coudln't remember the boys' names (well, we could remember the names, just not which was who) and Harry Potter was very much the thing at the time they moved in so yeah, Only started it and we continued it. I have a soft spot for gingers. :)

    I've been ranting in private, too, over all sorts of things. I am purposely staying away from my Twitter and personal FB feeds.

    And what IS the deal with Seinfeld? I was obviously soooo not the target audience. It was just...dumb. I didn't like his stand-up routines either so...whatever. I didn't get Friends either. Obviously not the right demographic. LOL

    And that's my rambles for today. Have a good one!

  3. I never did watch Seinfeld. Even the premise (which I've forgotten) was uninteresting.

    I love your redheads, though. :-)

    Old photos. Hmm. I have some stashed away. I even know where, at least vaguely. LOL!