Saturday, March 9, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 3/9/19

Time again to wrap-up what went on in my reading life for the week.  Let's see...

I was down to five unread recent ebooks.  Time to get some more!  I downloaded 4 books.  They're all paranormals of one form or another.  So, I'm now at 9 unread newish ebooks.

Also, Tuesday, picked up Silver James' new paperback at the Wallyworld.  Squee!  We won't discuss the number of unread hardcopy books I have.  It's massive.  But I'm a book hoarder, so it's no big surprise there.  And the hardcopy books are all of an age where no one is really expecting a review, so no big rush.

Books read:

 20) Empire's Scion by BC Kellogg (3/8/19) - SF*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Picked this up for free off the Book Barbarian newsletter.
Review: "Wow. That was a really good story. Interesting premises. Intriguing plot. Awesome characterization. I loved Lees. I loved his crews. I especially loved the 'cat'. I'll have to hunt down the sequel when I'm ready for another SF."

19) Billionaire Country by Silver James (3/8/19) - Romance - 5 stars.  Definitely not new to me, but always underappreciated in my opinion.  Paid regular price minus the Wallyworld discount.
Review: "SQUEE! I snagged a copy from the Wallyworld on Tuesday (got the last copy! woohoo) when it came out, but I was too wrapped up to start it then. I opened it this morning and inhaled it all. So good! I loved Zoe and Tucker and little Bugtussle. Filled with awesome. The only bad thing about reading these books is waiting for the next one to come out."


3/2/19 - urban fantasy.  I was having problems with massive head-hopping (POV changes).  Then the author said something totally off the wall regarding heights and measurements...  something easily edited with a little research - or common sense.  It was a small thing, but combined with the other stuff, it made me move on to the next book.

Not sure what I'm reading next.  I read finished two books yesterday - I set Empire's Scion down to read Billionaire Country and then finished it afterwards - then decided to focus on writing for the rest of the evening.  (Psst... after I scheduled this for this morning, I picked up a book 2 mystery.  Heh.)

What kinds of reading escapades were you up to last week?

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  1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed BC. It was a pain to write but I loved how it eventually turned out. ;)

    I finished the re-listen/new listen to the 3-book Moonlight Gothic trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Makes me want to write a Gothic novel now. LOL The final book was MOONLIGHT SCANDALS and while the other two books got 4 stars, this one got a 5 from me.

    I re-listened to NAKED IN DEATH, did a quick review of the most recent In Death books to refresh my memory before diving into the newest release, CONNECTIONS IN DEATH. I do so <3 this series! It was a good one. 4 stars.

    The next book on my list was WILD COUNTRY by Anne Bishop and set in her The Others world. I love the fantasy series like damn and whoah. Started the new book, got as far as the Author's Note and realized this book has a concurrent timeline with the 5th book but also involved events from the 4th and I was a little hazy on details. So, I happily listened to the 4th book, MARKED IN FLESH, and am currently listening to ETCHED IN BONE. And then I get to dive into WILD COUNTRY.

    Once I'm finished with it, not sure what I'll read after. Guess I'll see what falls out of my Kindle. LOL