Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly Update

Not much to report on this week. After jumping full steam into writing a new book, I decided that even though the book was streaming out of my fingers, I wasn't sure I liked where it was headed. For an Adult/YA crossover, it was sounding way too YA and I'm not sure if I want my career to head in that direction. Plus, thinking back over the words I wrote, I don't think it's as much my voice as the voice of every other YA writer I've ever read. Back to the drawing board on that one.

I did finish the red ink edits on Nano over this past weekend. It really doesn't have as many flaws as I thought it did. I just needed to pull most of the scenes with villain #1's POV. In the entire first half of the book those scenes need to be rewritten. He just wasn't ringing true. Once I slashed through those, the editing got loads easier. Now I think this book really has a shot at being published - once I get everything rewritten, of course.

Sent a couple more queries out, and received a couple more rejections. Those stung a bit because I was sure they'd request pages. :shrug: After the first two replies were requests, I might've gotten my hopes up too much. Oh well. Onward to the next round. I tweaked my letter again - using the version that got me the partial request instead of the one that netted me the full. All we can do is the best we can do, and hope from there.

The week ahead will be working on entering edits, working on new words, and querying. And if the weather gets nice again, maybe I'll get some exercise in there somewhere.

What's on your plate for the coming week?


  1. Edits and queries? Rest up this weekend! I'm still working on my WIP and qeurying older works.

  2. Hopefully, my WIP will be finished in the next few days, then the remaining days of next week will be spent polishing so it can go to my betas.