Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Does this picture make me look fat?

Thanks to Lynn Viehl, I spent about an hour turning myself into a Lego person via the Reasonably Clever Mini-Mizer*.

It's just as well. I haven't been working the past few days, so I might as well do something reasonably clever. The cup is right. I'm in editing hell. I'm also in writing hell. Hence the need for caffeine and nicotine.

You may have noticed one of my meters disappeared. I'm not sure what other project I'm actually working on right now. Over the past week, I've worked on EQ and reconsidered working on FG, and even thought about going back to an older unfinished novel. Since I don't want to change meters every few days, I'll just leave the second one off until I make a decision.

Until I figure everything out, I'll just edit Nano.

And here's Darling Daughter, off to do battle with schoolwork...

*If you 'mini-mize' yourself, let me know. I'd love to see what the Lego-you would look like. =o)


  1. Heh. You sound kind of like me, bouncing around and not sure what project to work on. I have no advice really. You'll figure it out soon!

    Also, Happy Birthday (a day late)!

  2. Can you lego-ize cats? Because that would be funny. Off to find out...