Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Rants and Other Stuff

I was standing outside just now, smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone with my mother, when a car drove by, and the woman driving shot me a dirty look. She wasn't even someone I know. Just a random bit of snottiness for Monday morning. Mom and I couldn't decide if she had a problem with my smoking, or my talking on the phone outside, or a combination of the circumstances. Maybe she's just one of those people with a perpetual snide look on her face. Poor thing. :shrug:

Time for me to rant again about the approaching deafness of a large percentage of the populous. I swear. And I don't know what it is about this particular street, but the majority of the noise offenders are Hispanic. I know the ratio of loud cars with Hispanic drivers is way higher than the ratio of Hispanic to Caucasian people in this town. Could be the culture. Maybe it's just louder in their lives than in other sections of the population. If my theory that people use loud music to drown out the suckiness of their lives is true, then maybe that would be an interesting socialogical study. Based on the number of new cars cruising my street and blaring loud music, I'd say not, but it does bear further study. (I just wish I could drown the music out and still hear the TV.)

As an aside, is it just me, or does most Hispanic music sound like polka? I keep catching myself singing Roll Out The Barrel during the peak cruising times. Must be something about the accordians.

Speaking of the growing Hispanic populous here... I'm wondering if that nasty ass flu I had in March was of the Swine variety. If it's coming up out of Mexico, I wouldn't be surprised if we all had the H1N1. You know, I'd never seen a Mexican license plate until I moved here. Now I see them all the time. (BTW, if you're wondering about Swine Flu, please check out the CDC's Fact Sheet. A lot of misinformation is flying around, and knowledge is power.)

Well, it's the month of May. For me this means a few things. This week brings the 7th anniversary of my father's death (and my friend's memorial service just happens to fall on the same day - damn it all). Sunday is Mother's Day - post office don't fail me now, since I still haven't bought the card much less mailed it. Later in the month I'll be celebrating the last birthday I'll ever have (i.e. #39 - LOL) and also my wedding anniversary. My cat will turn six on the 8th, and my brother will see his birthday this month as well.

Big doings all around. I'd really like to see myself get Nano done this month, but it's giving me fits. And while I'm wishing, maybe that full will turn into an offer of representation this month.

Your turn: Got anything to rant about? What lies ahead for your lusty month of May?

Crap! I just spilled coffee all over the place. Gah!



  1. Hey, I turn 39 later this month too! I'm the 21st, what's yours?

  2. LOL, I'm three days older. Too funny. Happy Birthday to us!