Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Book Review

I’m ba-ack. Are you ready for the evil return of Darling Daughter?

As part and parcel of the whole academic achievement thing (which I believe Mom mentioned in an earlier post), I have taken it upon myself to write today’s Sunday Book Review.

Today’s review isn’t about one book, it’s about four, the Paladin series by Alexis Morgan. I absolutely love this series. You’ve got your typical dark, brooding heroes and smart, take-no-prisoners women, plus an evil plot to destroy the world (kinda), earthquakes, and a lot of blow-‘em-up, cut-‘em-open action.

In the first book, Dark Protector, Paladin Devlin Bane falls for his Handler Dr. Laurel Young. Handlers are the doctors that bring Paladins back from the dead and monitor their slow descent into madness. Romance between Handlers and Paladins is (of course) strictly forbidden.

In Dark Defender, Paladin Blake Trahern finds his soul mate in his childhood friend Brenna Nichols, while helping to solve her fathers murder. Brenna’s dad is also a Regent, sort of the top dogs in the whole Paladin organization.

In Darkness Reborn and Redeemed in Darkness (noticing a theme with the titles?) shake it up a little. In the first, you’ve got an Other (the evil enemies of the Paladins) named Barak q’Young falling in love with a Paladin’s sister, Lacey Sebastian. In the latter, Cullen Farley (Paladin) finds himself in love with Barak’s sister, Lusahn q’Arc, and her two adopted kids, Bavi and Shiri.

Through out the four books, a plot is uncovered to con Others into giving humans these crystals that generate energy. The kicker is that it’s corrupt members of the Paladins society that created the plot.

Book five, Darkness Unknown, came out at the beginning of the year but I still haven’t read it yet. No worries though, since I’m sure it’s just as good as the first four.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s book review, brought to you by Darling Daughter. I’m know that any fan of paranormal romance is gonna love this series by Alexis Morgan, as well as her other one the Talions series.

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