Monday, May 25, 2009

Reading Holiday

Yeah, yeah, I should've used this 3-day opportunity to write, but I couldn't help myself. Instead of filling pages with my own words, I've been reading. Book after glorious book. Hehehe. It's been wonderful, so I refuse to feel guilty about it. (Well, not too much anyway.)

Have I mentioned how much I love books? I'd roll around in them naked if I didn't fear damaging their covers in some way.

So here's the tally so far:
Friday night to Saturday morning: Fatal Secrets
Saturday morning to Saturday night: The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Saturday night until just now: Beyond Varallan (Lynn Viehl is a friggin' genius, by the way.)

I'd start on my next new book, but it's in the bedroom with my sleeping hubby. (He's on a weird schedule right now.) :shrug: I should probably give my eyes a break anyway. But Highland Warrior is calling me... WAIT. I think my kid has that one. Heh. If she's finished, I can start it now. If not, I can stand over her making disgusted noises until she finishes. (Not really. I'm not that wicked.)

Anyway, with the completion of Beyond Varallan, I'm at 39 books read for the year. Not bad, all things considered. At this rate, I'll be over my numbers for last year. Yay. Of course, I read a lot more during the first two months of the year than the following three, but sometimes life hits you that way.

For links to everything I've read this year, check out my post: 2009 Books Read. There've been some good ones so far this year. And there are a lot more I haven't had a chance to buy yet. (Like Karin Tabke's Master of Craving which is supposed to hit shelves this week, but from all acounts is already out there.)

Read any good books this year? I'm always looking for recommendations. Do you have any reading goals to share? The only one I ever have is to read as many books as my schedule and my eyes allow.

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  1. You're smoking me on the books read. I am really struggling to read this year!