Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday's Super Site

Edittorrent came to my attention through, I believe, agent Janet Reid's blog. I've only been visiting for a couple months, but I've made it a daily stop on my blogroll.

From their profile: "We're two editors who agree except when we disagree. Between us, we have edited novels, novellas, non-fiction, short stories, computer manuals, legal briefs, advertising copy, educational text, newspaper articles-- everything. Now we work as acquisition editors for a publisher of fiction of various lengths."

So far, these gals seem to go the extra mile helping writers to perfect their pitches, and better their skills. They host regular logline sessions, wherein a writer sends their pitch and the editors as well as commenters assist in honing the pitch to a razor-sharp edge.

All in all, a good blog to visit, but one post in particular jumped out to make Edittorrent this week's Super Site. Editor Alicia wrote about Voice Thoughts - World View, and I had a total AHA! moment. (As evidenced by my comment on that post.) She explained voice in a way I'd never thought of, and for once, the idea of 'voice' totally made sense to me.

So, if you're in the mood for some gritty and witty advice from two gals in the editing sector, stop on by. Maybe I'll see you in the comments - I know you'll probably see me there from time to time.

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