Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thursday This n That

 Mmm, coffee.

It's February. I suppose I ought to change my calendar.  Only a day late, so go me.

Between the weather and the crud, there were only two people at work yesterday - me and another dude.  Nice and quiet, just the way ol' hermit me likes it.  And I get along with the dude, so the few interactions we had were pleasant. Mostly, it was me in my office doing my things and him in his doing his things.

Driving home yesterday was interesting.  When they plowed the highway, they left large piles of ice at the entrances to all the side roads.  And it got just warm enough to make snowcones out of it. So, I had a pile of soft ice to get through to get onto the highway and another to get through to get off the highway.  Lucky for me, I know how to handle shit like that.  And thankfully, the highway was free of other drivers.  A little fish-tailing was involved and I was in the wrong lane for a smidgen there.  We'll see how doing it in reverse works this morning.

Michigander me thinks all of this is piddlin'.  I've driven through way worse.  Of course, it's been 20+ years, but it's like riding a bike.  I don't understand how some people forget how to drive in snow from one winter to the next.  

Hubs with the crud means I've been taking on some of his chores.  Like feeding the deer.  They don't know me, so they freak when they see it's me and not him.  But after a couple days, they aren't running away anymore, so that's good.  I also took over garbage duty.  I rolled the polycart up to the road last night, which was fun since everything is covered in a thick layer of packed ice pellets. Tiny steps.  And hey, I didn't fall.  :knocks on wood:

I made an apple-cranberry crisp this week.  Unfortunately, I had no vanilla ice cream and the roads were too bad for a run to the store.  Lucky for me, I had a bowl of whipped cream in the back of the fridge.  Yum.  You definitely need something creamy to balance the tart of the cranberries.

Okay, I should probably start getting ready for work and junk.  Have a great day, everyone.  


  1. Thanks for reminding me. I hadn't flipped pages yet either.

    The deer will figure it out.

    It's not the snow, it's the ice. We woke up to a skating rink this morning. Literally. Supposed to hit mid-40s today so this crap should finally melt. All schools closed. No way busses or parents should be out on this stuff.

    I'm ready for spring. 'Nuff said.

    Yesterday was a wash. Sort of literally. I woke feeling like I'd been beaten up. I was tired, brain slow, and unmotivated. I did laundry.

    Did I mention the ice? I couldn't get to Boone this morning to rescue him from the patio. I had to go out in my fuzzy socks for a tiny bit of traction and I still almost fell. Not moving outdoors again until we are WELL ABOVE freezing.

    On that note, I need more coffee. Best stuff ever! Stay safe. Stay warm. Later, tater.

  2. Oops, I'm several days late. My excuse is that my blog reader is having conniptions. Here one day, gone for several. (It's NOT that I keep losing track of time. Really!)

    We had a crazy ice storm that shut down central TX for nearly a week. Texans DEFINITELY don't know how to drive in the ice. The smart ones stay home.

    Apple-cranberry crisp sounds wonderful, with or without cream!

    Wishing good health to Mr. Hubs. I hope you don't catch his bug.