Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 39

Hello again.  Thanks for stopping by.

I made some limited progress on writing this week, but not on UatB.  Instead, I jumped over to the next SCIU book.  I don't have a title yet, so it's just #4.  I have the villain.  I have the heroine.  I have a kinda sorta plot.  Now to put it all together and make it suspenseful.

I was thinking ahead.  Kinda.  And I set of Kindle Countdown Deals for three of my books over the next month.  First up is Project Hermes.  It's KCD starts Wednesday the 10th and runs for 7 days.  I've got some advertising in place for that.  Next up is Sleeping Ugly, which will run from the 24th through Devil's Night.  Then Blink of an I will be on sale from the 7th thru 11:59pm on the 14th.  I still need to set up ads for the last two sales.

My editor contacted me and asked if she could push back delivery of Unequal by a day to the 14th.  Since I wasn't expecting it until the 15th, it was no big deal.  And the difference in days was totally me.  She said 4 weeks, I thought a month, so while she was planning on having it back to me on the 13th, I had it in my planner for two days later.  It's always good to have a buffer.  And since I haven't promised anyone to have it ready on any particular date, I can be flexible.  I'm still shooting for the end of November, maybe early December.

There was cover art stuff done.  Stop by Outside the Box tomorrow to read about it and see something pretty.

I did some reading.

Still only made 4 out of 7 days on the activity plan.  But I'm down to 178, so it's all good.  Eating smaller and smarter portions combined with being active seems to be working this time around.  Now I just need to maintain it all.

The fawns have lost all their spots and now they've turned gray like their mothers.  They all look like mini-me versions of deer.  Rut is fast approaching.  As is hunting season.  If any of our deer get taken, I hope it's a clean kill and none of them suffer.  As long as hunters are doing it legally and efficiently, I'm all for it.  The herd needs culling.  Of course, I'll be sad, but I'd be sadder if the deer had to starve because the herd's too big and the resources aren't stretching far enough.  I'd also be sad if the herd became stagnant and led to inbreeding.  So, yeah, I'm pro-hunting, even of deer we've named.

We had some socialization this week.  On one of our walks, we stopped and talked to a neighbor.  Got the skinny on some stuff.   Then yesterday, Hubs ended up walking with a lovely couple - because they were headed in the same direction and walking at the same pace - who vacation here from Louisiana.  He gets way less contact with other human beings than I do, so it was good for him.  They had a nice chat while they walked.

I need to get out in the gardens soon.  Things need to be dug up and replanted.  I need to get a dozen bags of good dirt, too.  And I still have hopes of doing the retainer wall project. Not sure if this will be the week or not.

Last thing.  This is my 1900th post on this blog.  Woohoo.

And that's about it for me.  Nothing super-exciting, but still muddling along.  How were things for you last week?


  1. Congrats on your milestone post! I did some socializing too. The across the street neighbor caught me outside in the front yard and invited me over to meet their new kitty--a 3-legged rescue kitten. She was frisky if a little shy. It was worth the time out of my day.

    It's raining. I'd rather be in bed.

    Writing? Pfffft. No comment.

    Reading? About the same.

    Major blahs. And that's about it for me. I really need to get over the depression hump and do things. This week. Maybe.

    1. Thanks! And yay for the kitty visit!

      We never got any rain here. =o\

      I'm sorry writing and reading have been so hard for you lately. :hugs:

      The blahs suck. I hope the depression lets you go soon. :hugs:

  2. Congratulations on your 1900th post!

    I have the blahs - I'm blaming them on the cold, which is almost over... Running out of excuses.

    Got a little work done on the dressmaking book, brainless stuff, but nothing real on the writing. Tweaked a couple of words, and went back to bed. I must find some energy!

    1. Thanks!

      Sorry to hear you have the blahs, too. It seems to be going around, at least in our little group. We really need to find a way to kick that shit in the ass. None of us have time for it. :hugs: