Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday This n That

The sale burp from yesterday is over. (I mentioned it on Outside the Box.  If you aren't following over there, I post there M-W-F and here T-TH-S-S.)   I woke up this morning to an email telling me they were looking into it and a check of the product page shows it's 99c, so it's all good now.  Unfortunately, I'm totally not as jazzed to be all rah-rah this morning.  I'll post something later.

I got out in the woods yesterday.  It was finally cool enough to not have to worry about ticks and snakes.  (Still checked myself for ticks afterward, though, because they're insidious little bastards.)  Anyway, it's always nice to be able to go in the woods.  It was just a reconnaissance mission - taking note of deadfall that needs to be cleaned up and dead trees that need to come down.  It's grown up so much in there since February, I had a tough time finding my trails.  The woods must've really enjoyed the cleaning we did last winter.  All sorts of new little trees popping up and the spice bushes have all sorts of new growth.  It's a jungle out there.

For some reason, my desk is squeaking this morning.  It's annoying to type and hear this telltale squeak with every keystroke.  I've had this thing for 15 years, so I'm not surprised.  The older things get the creakier they are.  You should hear me first thing in the morning.  LOL

I watched a video this morning that made me kind of =oO,  It was of a teenage girl who couldn't figure out how to pay for gas with a $20 bill.  She was trying to shove it up the slot where the receipts come out.  Finally, her mom told her to take the bill into the store and tell them she wants $20 on pump 6.  Then the girl goes 'but how will they know how much gas I want?'.  Mom says 'You're getting $20 worth.' and the girl's all like 'but what if I want more than $20?'  Yep.  We're raising a nation of people unable to reason things out.

Remember when gas pumps didn't stop on their own, so you had to pay attention or you'd go over by like a penny?  Then you'd have to locate a penny so you could pay for your gas?  I remember at least one occasion where all I had was a ten and then had to scrounge around on the car floor for a penny.  The good ol' days.

That's it for me.  What have you got?


  1. I lay awake at night terrified of the upcoming generations. They are... *shakes head sadly*

    Have I mentioned I hate FB?

    There's not a whole lot going on around here. LG has a sinus infection and bad case of strep. Dinner has been an exercise in creativity to find something fulfilling, tasty/spicy to get past the deadened tastebuds, etc. but not too spicy, and mostly soft, gooey, and liquid. Plus he's a bear when he's sick. He did head to work today so a small reprieve. Chili for dinner.

    I'm a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the current news cycle. I find it interesting that the packages are inert, despite containing stuff that could be "ert."

    I suck at writing. And for the first time in 13 years, I'm dreading NaNoWriMo.

    Wow. I'm a real Debbie Downer today. Must be the weather. I'm going to hit two more blogs, getting my 3rd cup of coffee, shutting down outside interference, and I AM going to write that emeffing proposal.

    Have a great day! LOLOL

  2. Yay for your sale going live! Double yay for getting out into the woods. I miss them. They used to be a great way to recharge my batteries.

    That poor child. So much to learn, too many devices to play with instead. Wearing my tinfoil hat: I have to wonder if that video was set up. Why else would such a silly thing as getting gas be recorded?

    I was just thinking, a couple of days ago, of how ingenious gas pumps are. (And my credit card is often a penny off after getting gas, to this day!)

    Hugs to Silver and Mr. Silver. I hate getting sick.