Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday This n That

I actually got to pet the neighborhood puppies.  OMG, they're so cute!  And I so do not want one.  Really, I don't.  I mean, they're cute and all, but those two boys sound like a handful.  Beagle mix of some kind.  The mother originally made me think beagle/sheltie, but the pups look like beagle/jack russell.  Either way, two breed mixes I do not have the time or the energy for.  But yeah, I'll happily play with them when I get a chance.  Don't despair, though.  It looks like the gal who took them in will be keeping the last two if she doesn't find homes for them.  So cute.  Ugh.

Also got some neighborhood gossip, which doesn't really mean anything to y'all, but it's interesting to us.  Looks like someone is getting ready to close on the vacant lot that's been for sale since before we moved here.  And for some strange reason, he was under the impression that, once the leaves were off the trees, the property would have a lake view.  Umm, no.  He'll have a view of the neighbor's house one way and the cow pasture the other way.  Methinks some realtor sold him a bill of goods.  We're closer to the lake than he is and we don't have a lake view - even in the winter.  Sorry, bud.  Best get out of that contract before it becomes final.  Please get out of it.  You won't like it here.  He told our neighbor he likes to play his music loud and have cookouts.  Noooooo.  She told him we all like it quiet here and we all keep to ourselves.  And he was rude enough to ambush her at 7:30am while she was letting the puppies out for potty, which doesn't bode well for future hopes of courtesy, lemme tell ya.

Speaking of neighbors, there are so many new people here.  We have no clue who most of them are.  So, we went into the local real estate portal and looked at all the property owner names.  I made a map of the neighborhood when we first moved here and a list with all the neighbors.  But so many of them have moved or died, that it's been wrong for a while now.  It's finally correct again.  Well, except for Vacant Lot Dude.  He hasn't closed, so it's still in the old owner's names.  And yes, I am weird.  But it's better than referring to one guy as Walking Dude and that house as Mold House.  (Although, we'll probably still refer to them that way because it helps keep it straight in our heads.)  And there's the one guy who I thought was named Dan for the first year he was here, and since then I thought his name was Tim, but it turns out it's actually Scott.  Umm, yeah, not good with names.  At all.

I don't actually want to meet any of my neighbors, but I like to know who they are.  Duh, hermit here.  And it's not that I would refrain from meeting them if the opportunity arose, but I won't be going out of my way and it won't be a social thing.  I don't like social things.

Cookouts?  :shudder:

I've found over the years that the more I get to know people, the less I want to know them - for the most part.  Every rare once in a while I meet someone cool who stays cool even after I learn more about them.  Usually, though, the more I learn, the more I'm likely to want to crawl back into my hermit hole.

Would you believe the letters ASE&D are already wearing off my new keyboard?  Ugh.

Your turn. 


  1. Yay for (someone else's) puppies! Boo to a rude neighbor. I hope someone tells him there's no lake view and he pulls out.

    This: PayPal has a broken screen, and won't give me my money. But it looks like I'm the only one with this problem, so they assume it's on my end and want me to try this 'n that. Now all my settings are messed up and I still don't have my money!

    That: it's Dad-sitting day, and I have a cold. All I want to do is curl up and sleep or read, which I can do at their house.

    1. Someone told him. Although how in the world he couldn't tell that for himself, I'll never know. We used Google Earth on this whole area before we bought this house. There's easily a half mile of woods and structures between this guy's land and the water on the closest side.

      Well, that sucks. I hope PP gets it fixed for you soon.

      Oh, noes. Sorry about your cold. I hope sitting curled up yesterday helped. :hugs:

  2. Puppies! But they aren't big enough for me. Yeah...I hope that guy moves along, there's nothing to see here. Literally. We're lucky on the immediate neighbor front. Okay, moving along.

    I'm writing snippets. I need to be writing chapters. *sigh*

    Summer came back. I want Fall again.

    This has been a week of "There's not enough coffee in the world."

    That pretty much sums up my existence at the moment. Life is what it is. Oh...and I'm rooting for whichever team can beat the Brewers. ;0

    1. Yeah, they're tiny terrors. So cute, but if I got a dog, I'd want a big one.

      At least you're writing something. :hugs:

      Here, too. Summer's already had its chance. It needs to go away.

      I hear that.

      Sorry, hon, but I cannot bring myself to root for the Rockies. Bleh. Let the Brewers beat them and then we'll both root for Milwaukee to get creamed in the next series. ;o)