Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Update - Week Meh

I totally didn't feel like looking up the week number this week.  It's one higher than last week's post.

Writing?  Nope.

Editing?  Nope.  Waiting on the return of Unequal today.

Reading?  Yeah, but not much.  See yesterday's post.

I'm still having a sale on Project Hermes through Tuesday night.  The ad got me one sale.  And probably some KU downloads because it rose in the rankings from 1.07m to 165K.  We'll see if page reads start to come through over the next few days.

I did something active every day last week.  Mostly landscaping and gardening.  Not sure that burned too many calories because I haven't seen downward movement on the scale.  But hey, I didn't start this active thing to lose weight.  I did it to stop being such a slug.  And to halt the progress of my ever-widening ass.  That's still happening, so it's all good.

Went fishing in the rain on Friday.  Caught 5 fish in about two hours.  Kept one.  It was a lovely red ear sunfish.  I named him Fred and watched him swim around my sink for a while.  Then I made fillets out of him.  They're in the freezer until I catch at least one more like him so I can make a meal for the two of us.  While I was out at the lake, I happened to see a crawfish that had been washed up on the rocks by a boat's wake.  He was moving pretty slow, cuz it was a little cold for him.  And he looked pretty sad.  Well, I was packing up to leave anyway and had about a one inch piece of worm still on my hook.  I took the worm off and dropped it in front of the crawfish just after he slipped into the water.  He grabbed it with both claws and immediately started munching away.  Talk about a windfall.  I imagine he was one happy crawfish.  Kind of made my day. 

Back to the landscaping/gardening.  I finished the retaining wall on the cedar bed.  It's just on the back half - the downward slope of the hill.  And it's only to help stop the erosion of that bed.  Then I tackled the iris bed.  I pulled out all the irises and dumped six bags of organic matter into the bed.  Now I have to put all the irises back.  But there's no way I'm going to get them all back in there.  So many.  Ugh.  I have plans for the overflow.  We'll see.

And that's about all I've got for you today.  What happened in your world?


  1. There was a week.

    Went to the soccer game in the misty-cold rain because Baseball Boy is in Philadelphia (school trip) and Only was promoted to "coach." Only 5 out of 11 kids showed up. Same on the other team. JGG made a goal for the other team, which was 1 of the 2 they made, compared to his team scoring 9. Only and I decided it was his sense of fair play kicking in. *rolls eyes* That's our story and we're sticking to it.

    A certain someone--*lookin' at you, kid* sent me a surprise. I colored the first page. It was fun and about the only creative thing I accomplished last week.

    In writing news, I think I have FINALLY figured out how to reconfigure the 1st three chapters to make my editor happy. I'll work on it this afternoon at some point. Maybe.

    No books are blowing up my skirts--mostly 3s and 4s. No 5s or raves. I have hopes for the end of the month and next month, with some new releases.

    Broke down and turned on the heater yesterday. Looking at this coming week's forecast, I guess it's time to turn the mattress and switch from the light chenille bedspread to the slightly heavier microsuede comforter. That necessitates running the vacuum first. I'll get right on that--in a minute.

    Didn't win the lottery though we've won the "special" ball on the two lotteries we play when they get huge. Stupid because the odds are not in our favor but we have NO odds if we don't play, right?

    Page reads are up, sales are down. I'd really like it if both happened at the same time once in awhile.

    And...that's about it for me. I should remember some of this stuff for my blog tomorrow. LOL

    Stay warm.

  2. Meh sums up my week. The cold is gone, but I still have no energy.

    Got some work done on the dressmaking book, but nothing on SR. I open the file, look at the page, and toddle off to bed. Meh.