Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 42

Well, would ya look at that... it's Sunday again.  Embrace it while you can because Monday's a comin'.  Now let's wrap up last week.

No new writing, but I did get some editing done.  Not nearly as much as I would've liked, but it was one of those 'god, I can't bear to look at this thing' weeks.  This is due back to the AWE by November 5th, so I better get my buns in gear.

The cover artist has my ideas for UatB's cover.  She's jammed this month, but she'll start work and get it to me in early November, which is cool by me.

Reading also did not go as well I as I wanted.  Maybe it's the books.  Maybe it's me.

I got the iris bulbs replanted.  All those little leaves poking up make me feel like Spring, even if it has gotten chilly here.  And it's the least they can do since I spent all that time putting them back in the ground. 

Friday I made a batch of corn bread and then made a batch of cake cookies in bar form.  Now that it's cooler, I feel all bakey.  Hubs is happy because he gets yummy things to eat.

I found this new online timesuck - WordRage.  I'm not linking to it because it's a timesuck.  Like any of us need more of those. Ugh.

Let's not talk about exercise and weigh loss, eh?  I was pretty active in the gardens, but it's not a huge calorie burning activity.  I also went fishing, and while that is an activity, 90% of it is spent sitting on my butt.  The biggest exercise I get is hauling my stuff from the car to the fishing spot and back.  

Nothing much else going on.  What's up with you?

Oh, I almost forgot...  Sleeping Ugly goes on sale Wednesday and will be 99c/99p through Devil's Night (October 30th).   Actually, I kind of did forget, but I remembered a little this morning.  I need a freakin' assistant.  One who works for free.  Ugh.


  1. Yay for gardening! I love iris.

    No new writing for me, either, but I did get a fair bit of work done on the dressmaking book.

    Did anyone see where I left my brains?

  2. All good stuff for you. I hid yesterday. Paying for it today with crush of stuff. Ah well. I should know better.

    I wish I had something exciting to impart. I don't. Heck, I didn't get my Monday blog up until almost 9 a.m. *sigh* When you find that free assistant, let me know! I want to hire her/him too.

    Okay. I'm going to work today. Stop laughing. ;)