Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday This n That

Well, I've started the retainer wall project.  I bought 30 4"x8" pavers to start, which I figured would be about half of what I needed.  (And which was about as many as my little car would handle along with 6 bags of dirt.)  The problem came when I started laying them.  I got one row of 25 down.  I need at least 3 rows, maybe 4.  I couldn't figure out where I went wrong.  Then I looked at the paper where I'd written down my measurements.    I had to measure in halves because I was using the smaller measuring tape.  The number I had taken into my head was for the left half.  Derp.  I picked up another 40 (no dirt, so the car could handle another 10) yesterday and finished the wall.  I'll try and get pics or something, but it's not that impressive.  It's utilitarian.

There'd been a band of rain hovering over OK and KS for days and we kept waiting and waiting for it to arrive.  When did it arrive?  Smack in the middle of my landscaping work.  I got about 2/3 of the iris bed dug up and sploosh. I'll try and finish that up today.

Update on the keyboard saga.  As you may remember, I bought a new keyboard and the keys are already wearing off - and I haven't even written much on it.  Well, I was just going to suck it up and wait until my next check to buy another new keyboard.  But the company who makes the keyboard kept sending me emails to get me to review the damn thing, so yesterday I replied to the email, expressing my displeasure and asking them to leave me the hell alone.  This morning, I got a response.  They're offering me a different keyboard free of charge and telling me I don't have to return this one.  I'll give them another shot because their customer service responded so well.  If this replacement poops out after a month, I'm so done with them.

Last night, Kira missed the litterbox, so I've got that to deal with this morning and I'm so not ready to deal with that this morning. Oh, wait, Hubs is getting ready to deal with it.  I'm so not ready to deal with Hubs dealing with that this morning.

I need more coffee.  Like a vat of it.

So, Hurricane Michael tore through my ol' stompin' grounds yesterday.  Tallahassee didn't take a direct hit, but close enough to make a mess.  My last friends in that area had to evacuate, still no word on what their place is like because they haven't returned as far as I know.  Appalachicola, where my favorite restaurant was, got smeared.  I expect that restaurant is either gone or severely damaged because it was built out over where the river meets the gulf.  Beautiful locale, but not the best for weathering a hurricane.  =o(

I think that's it for me today.  What's it for you?


  1. I hate when I mess up measurements. Glad you got rain, sorry it was in the middle. Yay on good customer service. We went to puppy training pads around the litter box (after going with the largest litterbox in the store) cuz Deeders has had the prob for awhile now. Just finished off the pot. Yeah...things in the panhandle are gonna be ugly but so far, not so many deaths. And that could be my this-n-that. LOL I'll find other stuff to mention.

    After the rain, we got the cool weather and low humidity. Yay! NOW it's Fall and I'm loving it. I even got to wear a new pair of boots I'd splurged on after cleaning out the floor of the closet and dumping an XL leaf bag of shoes I never wore.

    I still haven't done much writing though I get up every day and say to myself, "Myself, this IS the day. You are gonna get that proposal rewritten!" And every night I go to bed feeling guilty.

    I read a list of proposals a publisher is looking for in an open submission call and now I want to write some old ideas that have been floating around in my head, or maybe pull out an old MS. Like I have freaking time. *sigh* Still...I may revisit it if I ever get caught up. Big if.

    The good news is, I'm not quite as angry this week. Still feeling a bit pissy but not the deep, abiding anger. It simmers and will flare if provoked but my pysche is more peaceful.

    I have to go to Wallyworld today. I'm trying a new recipe for dinner and I have only one of the ingredients. LOL Typical. S'okay. I need other groceries too.

    And that's it for me. Enjoy the weather!

    1. You are one busy lady. I'm glad you're not as angry. Neither am I. Yep, I keep telling myself the same thing - this is the day - but no. Good luck with the publisher, if you do decide to submit. I hope your new recipe turned out.