Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday This n That

This this n that is all about my whole getting healthier thing.  Consider yourself warned.

I can make it through the Walmart without weeping over pizza and fried chicken now.

KFC sent us a coupon book.  Dirty bastards.  Hubs kept it on the table for a few days and then finally chucked it so we wouldn't be tempted anymore.  All I can say is thank goodness the KFC is 30 minutes away or I would've fallen for their rotten trick.

When I first started doing the exercise thing, I could easily get to my target heart rate.  Now, I exercise for a half a freakin hour and my heart's all like 'bring it'.  Too bad my legs can't push as hard as that.  Half an hour and my legs are whimpering.

My exercise thing is dance/exercise/dance.  I started out with 5 minutes of each.  Now I'm up to about 10 minutes each.  And about 20 reps on the exercises I'm doing, plus I added some exercises I wasn't doing at first because I couldn't do them.  I use 2 lb weights on the arms and no weight on the legs, because frankly, the legs carry enough weight on their own.  Da dump bump.

As for the diet thing - diet as in what I eat, not a set of guidelines I am forcing myself to strictly stick to - it's going well.  Like I said, I hardly miss the really yummy foods now.  Still eating ice cream, though.  And the occasional Hot Pocket or mini-pizza.  Hubs has cut those out entirely. I'm not that strong.  But we are eating loads of fruits and salads.  Rivers of fish.  Chicken.  93% lean burger and lean cut steak.  And smaller portions.  I'm down about 2 pounds since I bought the new scale and sent myself into a conniption.  (For the record, the 189 I said I was before was actually 197 because my old scale was off by 8 pounds.  So, from whenever that was, I'm down 5 pounds.  Let's not even talk about the dark days when the old scale said 195. :shudder:) 

Anyway, this is my journey.  Not sure if any of the same tactics would work for any of you, but you're welcome to try.  Increase activity, decrease unhealthy foods.  Sounds easy, and it does get easier after a while, but it takes time and commitment.  :shrug:  It's lasted a few months now, so maybe this'll stick.  Lord knows nothing else has.

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  1. Diet and exercise. Ugh. I try to cook and eat healthy because of LG's issues. I haven't been on the gazelle in awhile. I need to get on it. I have no excuses but...lazy.

    The honeysuckle bush outside my office window is blooming but it's too hot to open the window so the scent can waft in on the breeze. We went from winter to summer with about two days of spring in the middle. :/

    The vet put Adidas on a diet. The damn cat has gained 7 pounds. I know the feeling.

    Woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee, impatient for the soy milk to heat before I added my usual scoop of stevia and the chicory coffee because I knew exactly what to write to open the next chapter. 384 words later, the scene ended and I have no clue where to go next. Maybe I SHOULD get on the gazelle. Or take a hot shower. I'm two lazy to get dressed and go take a drive.

    I need to double up on words today. Tomorrow is travel time for the funeral/memorial service.

    That's the this for me this week. I should get off the 'net now. Later tater!