Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Since I can't seem to hold a cogent thought for long this morning, here's some random stuffs...

Whoever's beating me with a stick in my sleep needs to stop.  (Not seriously.  No one is beating me with a stick.  It's just feels like someone has beaten me with a stick when I wake up.)

My camera battery died.  It actually, eventually, said 'Battery is Exhausted'.  Well, ain't we all?  (The new batteries will be here tomorrow, so no worries.)

Something is wrong with the neighborhood well.  It went out yesterday afternoon.  El Presidente of the Water Association is on it and the well people will be here this morning, but right now, it's a pain in the buns.  Luckily, we're prepared people and have jugs of water stored for just such an emergency.  Bottled water for drinking and coffee, etc.  Huge amounts of water stored in old kitty litter containers for flushing toilets.  Also, through luck and foresight, El Presidente has made sure there's enough in the water association fund to dig a whole new damn well if need be.  Hopefully, it's just something minor.  We'll make it through.  And, if worse comes to worst, the park opens today and they have showers over there if you're a paying camper.  So, for like $16 a day, we can wash ourselves if need be.  (Hubs is El Presidente.  Which is why I'm not worried.  It might take a few days, but it'll be fixed.)   

Had to take q-tips to my computer's fan vent.  So much dust was clogging it, it was starting to make funny noises.  And the only things that'll reach are cotton swabs.  (You know, in case yours needs cleaning, too.  Or am I the only one who still has a desktop computer these days?)

Things generally go wrong in threes, so I'm hoping the computer thing was an 'almost went wrong' and I've avoided the third thing.  If not, another thing is on its way.  (Yes, I am a bit superstitious, why do you ask?)

Anyway, I hope y'all have a lovely day.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, k?  (You know, if you're into that stuff.  :wink:)

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  1. Fingers crossed and knocked on wood. Just to be on the safe side. Ugh on the well. I remember when I was on a water well. There are times when I miss it, until I remember that it sometimes broke and if my homestead lost power, I lost water because...electric well pump.

    So, random stuffs. It's finally hot and humid and we have the possibility of t-storms this week. That means I'm switching over to the warm-weather menu. Except for today. Today is Papa Murphy's $10 pizza.

    I feel better after my weekend ranty-rant and post yesterday. Then I messed up on the preset time to post today's recipe. Oh, well. It's up now.

    I took a two-hour nap yesterday. It helped. And I managed to sleep last night. Yay.

    Have to go buy groceries today. Which sucks because it's the first day of the month which means the store will be crowded and half of them will have a case of the stupids. But I need stuffs. Necessary stuffs or I'd wait until tomorrow.

    I have lots of iris leaves/clusters/whatever they're called, no stalks with blooms yet. Ah well.

    And I got distracted. It happens. It's that sort of random day.