Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Mondayest Tuesday of the Year

Okay, maybe the Tuesday after Labor Day ties for the Mondayest, but it's the same principle.  Today is Tuesday, but it feels so much like a Monday one could weep.

And you know damn well that we'll be spending today thinking it's Monday and then 'D'oh! It's Tuesday'.  All day.

Now, this seriously should not matter to writers.  Because as we all know, writers work 7 days a week.  Even when we're not working, we're still working.  Maybe there's an idea that pops up in our heads when we're supposed to be relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.  Maybe there's marketing that needs to be done at 5am or 10pm or noon on Christmas Day.  Days off don't matter because we don't actually have days off.

Still, this is a day that continually, year after year, screws me up.  I'll be off all week.  And I have a hard enough time telling what day it is anyway.  Sheesh.

And because I also have an other work, it's time to open the Outlook and get ready to hit Monday... err, Tuesday... running. 

Plus, I have errands to run, so I have to get my buns in gear at some point this morning.

But first... more coffee and another cigarette or two.

What's on your agenda for the Mondayest Tuesday of the Year?  How do you cope with this screwed up day?


  1. I cope the same way I do with all the other days. I look at the calendar, go "huh" and keep on keeping on. I used to tell the days of the week by my nightly TV fare. Then I pretty much stopped watching TV except on Monday, Friday, and Saturday nights. So I'm pretty much never sure of the day of the week anyway.

    I have got to get my arse in gear. This dang book isn't going to finish writing itself. I've tried that for almost a week and it's only managed to add about 500 words. Yeah...not gonna work. Ah well.

    Plus the dang cottonwood. Now I have crud in my lungs from the post-nasal drip and I'm coughing like with a summer cold. Ugh!

    And a late start to boot. Yeah...I need to get off the internet now. After another cup of coffee, a post to my FB page, and listening to one more chapter of my current audio book.

    *wanders off looking dazed*

  2. I'm *always* messed up over which day it is. ;-)

    Today was shopping day. My brain is fried.

    Tomorrow and Thursday are dad-sitting days. And maybe the new PC will show up. It's coming Fedex, so probably not. They can't ever find my house.

    By Friday I might be back on track for Monday. Then I'll be good until Tuesday. But it won't be a Monday-Tuesday, so all will be good. :-)