Tuesday, March 20, 2018

To Dos and To Dones

So, anyway, it's Tuesday.  I was a busy gal yesterday and I'm kind of burned out this morning. 

- The sale for the Dennis Haggarty books started, so I spent a bunch of time posting about that on FB. (AD is #11 on the free Noir list this morning and #61 in overall free Crime, so that's something)
- The new cover for Blink is live.
- The name change for Blood Flow is working on it.  The Amazon page already says Project Hermes, but the cover isn't there yet.  Createspace, on the other hand, is giving me fits with the cover, which was built off the cover for Blood Flow, but suddenly it's somehow not the right size even though the book itself hasn't changed.  Derp.
- I bought 5 bags of marble chips for the front walkway and spread those.  Need about 8 more because they ended up being way whiter than the old chips and now it looks weird.  Ten would be ideal.  Plus, I need about 6 bags of river rock, but the store was out and I can't carry that many bags of rock in my stealth pick-up (i.e. my little four-door sedan).
- Worked on spreadsheety stuff
- Edited 29 pages of Early Grave, only 30 to go.

Today, I need to...

- Finish those last 30 pages of inputting edit notes and get started on the major points AWE made in the edit letter, so I can get this to her by the end of the week (or earlier, if I bust my butt).
- Figure out what the hell is up with the cover of PH.
- Do some more marketing stuff for the sale.
- exercise
- Touch base with the office to see if there's anything they need me to do today.
- Do whatever they need.

There are probably more things.  There are always more things.  And I'm tired just thinking about the things I have to do without adding more to the pile.

What's on your lists today?

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Busy lady. Mine is pretty short.
    -Finish edits/expand a scene on MONTANA MOON
    -Bug cover artist for cover
    -Thank again a certain B.E. for help with the blurb. ;)
    -Go to Wallyworld for groceries
    -Make a car payment
    -Order and pickup $10 Tuesday Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner
    -Listen to an audio book while running errands
    -Work on one of my many upcoming projects
    -Watch STL Cards play if televised.

    Yeah, not much going on in my corner of the world. LOL