Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 10

Ten weeks into 2018.  Hmm.  Those went kinda fast, eh? 

Here's the week that was...

I am a naughty monkey.  I have six days to finish this edit on Early Grave and I'm only through four chapters.  This said, though, I'm past all of my distractions :knock on wood: and can set my ass down for extended stretches of time.  You know, good lord willin' and the crick don't rise. 

I also haven't read much.  This is totally on me.  The book I'm reading is fun and interesting - Sorcery's Child by our own DJ Salisbury.  I'm just dragging on reading the way I am on editing.  Maybe the problem is related.  Anyway, I hope to read more regularly between editing stretches this week.

I got some yard work done this week.  Prepping the beds for the most part.  I ordered a bunch of plants - lilies, columbines, sedums, and an ornamental grass thingie.  I also picked up packs of seeds for daisies, black-eyes susies, and marigolds.  I'm gonna sprinkle those all over the bed under the cedars and hope for the best.  The bed gets good morning and late afternoon sun - just no mid-day sun.  Marigolds and daisies already love it there, but I want more.  My irises look amazing, green leaves shooting up all over their beds.  My hollyhocks are coming up nicely.  Life is good here on Sanderson Acres.

Went into the woods a bit because we had a day where it was still cold enough to keep the ticks and snakes at bay.  Got some more deadfall moved and then walked around on the trails.  Now that warmer weather is approaching I need to find another way to be active.  Maybe I'll convince Hubs to let me mow the lawn from time to time.  I'm also looking at the gazelle machine (because Silver suggested it).  Not sure if I'm ready for the expense right now and they look like something I could easily fall off of - because I'm a clod - but we'll see.

Speaking of being active and other healthy things, I'm doing okay on my resolve to eat healthier.  Walmart had pepperoni pizzas in the discount frozen food bin.  Pizza and a sale?  It really tested my willpower and I won.  As of yesterday, I've lost another pound, putting me at 186.

My turf war with the moles* is ongoing.  Those dirty bastards have expanded beyond a simple condo complex and have created a city, complete with highways and byways.  I bought three spinning flower yard ornaments.  We'll see if they work.  The way it's looking, though, I'll need a sea of those things to get the little buggers out of my yard.

I think that's quite enough out of me.  How was your week?

*Could be voles.  I haven't seen one to identify it exactly.


  1. Watch for people selling used gazelles. We're about to the time when all those New Year Resolutions to get fit drop by the wayside. And they aren't that hard to "ride." If you can walk, you can gazelle. Trust me. They don't call me Granny Klutz for nuthin'...

    I've got books on hold at the library, mostly because I'm waiting for them to release in audio. I have credits to spend.

    I should finish the stupid book today. I have the end written--in long hand, but it's there, and I have notes on the next few scenes. I need to get off the net, get more coffee and do it.

    The weatherman is talking 80 by the end of this week. Go fishing! I may actually get out and attack the Bermuda grass that volunteered in the front planter. Can I get it grow in my yard? Hell no. In the "flower bed"? Hell yeah. Grrrr. Okay. Off to work now.

  2. Hooray for your garden! It sounds lovely. My magnolia bloomed this week, with more flowers than ever. But a stiff wind blew in today, and now my poor blossoms are in tatters.

    Congratulations on staying away from the pizza! One of the hardest things in the world.

    Humph. It was a week that went by too fast. I didn't get much done - I sit staring at the screen and wish I could go to bed. Ridiculous!

    I hope you enjoy Sorcery's Child!