Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday This n That

I had something on my mind to type here but by the time I had opened the page for a new post and written the title, it was gone.  Such is my brain.

I finally got Early Grave done and sent off to AWE.  I have it on the calendar to start working on Sleeping Ugly as soon as EG went off, but I am so not ready to dive into that hot mess yet.  (Then again, I had it on the calendar to send EG to her on the 16th, which proves that the calendar is not set in stone.)

So, I got my oil changed yesterday at the local Kwik Lube.  While I was waiting, I noticed they were having a drawing for a big ol' smoker.  Like 8 interior racks big.  When my car was done, the guy comes in to tell me all about what they did to my car and to take my money.  As he's typing away on the computer, he slides a blank piece of paper toward me and invites me to enter the drawing.  I decline - because what the hell would the two of us do with a smoker that size?  I mean, it says clearly on the box it takes two people to lift it and I can't imagine how I'd even get the dang thing home.  After I decline, he says 'already have one?'  Umm, no.  Then he tells me if he brings another one home, his wife will kill him.  Already has three.  Had six but he left three behind when they moved to AR.  "Wow," says I, "You must really like your smoked meats."  We chat some more and then a lady comes out of a door I had been certain only lead to a storage room.  "They keep you locked up in that tiny room?" says I in a joking tone.  She laughs and says "There are two offices upstairs."  Coulda knocked me over with a pin.  I never dreamed there were stairs behind the door.  Guy leaves the rest of my paperwork to the gal and goes back into the garage.  She passes me a piece of paper and invites me to enter the drawing.  I decline.  She says "Already have too many?"  Apparently smoking meat is a big thing around here.  Who knew?

Living in the Ozarks can be interesting sometimes.   For the most part, because I live in a resort-type area, I run into people here who are from somewhere else.  And then there are the people who are Ozark born and bred.  They're the really fun ones.  Kinda remind me of the Yoopers - laid back and a bit quirky.  I love it.  You just have to watch out for the ones who are so far out and detached from society that they'd as happily shoot you for driving down their road as look at you.  When the sign says 'No trespassing', you'd better take it seriously.

I need to set a book here, but I can't think of how I'd make it work yet.  Maybe I just haven't run into the right inspiration.

Speaking of story ideas, I saw something yesterday on FB that told of a 'contest' where you submit your story ideas to this place (written or not, they don't care) and the people of Canada vote on the ideas and whoever's idea gets the most votes gets a publishing contract.  Hubs had a great idea "A writer who's worked for years in solitude, slaving away at his book, sends the idea off to a company in Canada having a contest.  They steal his idea and publish it without giving him any credit or money, so he drives to Canada and goes on a killing spree at the publishing company."  I think they'd love that concept, don't you?  ;o)

Hubs is a funny guy.  At least, I think he is.  And he thinks I'm funny, too.  I suspect few people outside this house would find us amusing, but we really don't care.  We're a hoot.

My flowers have finally shipped.  They should be here tomorrow.  Which means, I really need to pick up more dirt.  I have one bag, but that's probably not going to be enough.  And I still need more rocks.  I really should have the supply place deliver all of it.  My little stealth pickup can't handle the weight of everything I need.

Well, that ought to be enough this n that today.  What's on your radar?

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  1. I'm with the hubs. Go for it with that idea! I'd read that book!!! I think you need to bring the SCIU to the Ozarks. Body parts keep getting caught by the local fisherpeoples. As for my radar....

    After remembering that I hadn't yet put out the hummingbird feeder on the first day of spring, I remembered this morning that I still hadn't. Except now I can't find it after bringing it in and washing it and storing it over the winter. As soon as I buy a new one, I'll find the old one. ~Silver's Law of Lost Things

    I went in for an oil change yesterday too. I came out with two recall fixes, fuel injectors cleaned, new filters in engine and cabin, HVAC cleaned, and...something else I can't remember, but all stuff due at 50K miles. Since I don't plan on buying another vehicle, I want Drover maintenanced to the max. Next up will be transmission "cleanse." But that'll wait about a year and a half, which is how long it took me to rack up the 5K miles from my last oil change. ROLF

    I finally got around to updating my FB personal page header photo. I've also done some memes for the upcoming book. I should be writing.

    I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee. I'm still tired so I think the coffee is broken today.

    My 31 yo daughter is freaked out because she is the mother of a pre-schooler as of today. No more toddler for her. I'm freaked out because my 31 yo daughter is that old, and the mother of any child, toddler OR pre-schooler.

    I need more coffee. And maybe memes. Speaking of, ...

    Ha! I never clicked publish this morning. I STILL need more coffee...