Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday This n That

I wish people would stop passing along old news like it's new news.  I saw something this morning about a stabbing at a high school in PA and I was all like OMG, but I didn't see it in the newsfeed, so I had to go googling.  It happened in 2014.  Yeah, not a lot was made of it then - for whatever reasons - but use that as your lead-in.  "This happened in 2014 and no one splashed it all over the place.  Why?"  Or something.  Bleh.

I have started a quest to eat healthier.  I'm going for a low-LDL / high-HDL cholesterol diet - gotta keep the ticker ticking*, doncha know.  To that end, I've been increasing the amounts of certain foods and decreasing others.  I said a tearful goodbye to all my bestie food friends at the Walmart the other day - fried chicken, frozen pizza, donuts... :sniffle:  I switched out regular peanut M&Ms and bought dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.  I added avocados to the menu, as well as more fish, chicken, nuts, and beans.  I bought some ground turkey before I read that regular ground turkey is less healthy than super-lean beef.  :shrug:  Last night's turkey burger with avocado, lettuce, and tomato was pretty tasty, but that was the last of it.  I tried giving up ice cream.  That lasted two days.  I'll just eat less of that.  Anyway, here's hoping for a lifestyle change because otherwise this will be like every other thing I've tried and fail miserably.  Lucky for me, Hubs is on board.  I'm also trying to exercise more.  Umm, yah.  I really need to get a treadmill, but the expense!  Ack. 

On a side note, 72% cacao chocolate is GROSS.  I took one bite of a bar of that stuff and almost lost it.  Tried eating a fingerful of peanut butter with it.  Nope.  Drank some OJ to get the taste out of my mouth. It helped but...  Blech. I need to chop up the rest of that bar and make cookies with it or something. 

I'm not going total healthy.  Let's not be silly.  Just trying some new things.  I'll keep what works for me and discard the rest.  Then when I go for my yearly physical and the doc badgers me for a cholesterol test, I may just let her poke me this year. 

In case you missed it, I hate doctors.  In general.  There are specific ones that are okay.  The one I have isn't too bad.  We came to an understanding - as long as she doesn't irritate me, I'll keep going to her.  Which is good because she's the closest physician who accepts my insurance.  I would really hate to have to change.  Really.

Yeah, I hate change, too.

Somehow or other people are finding Blood Flow this month and buying it.  Not a lot of people, mind you, but the slight uptick sans advertising or a sale is nice.

Okay, that's it for me.  What have you got?

*No news of my impending doom.  It's just that I'm gonna be 48 and I have a genetic history of heart crap.  I'm already 4 years older than my dad was when he had his first heart attacks.  Don't want to push it.  Know what I mean?


  1. Ya know, I had to be on Twitter yesterday (it's a Wednesday thing I committed to) and my feed was full of all the school stuff and the outrage. Not one word about all the cops dying on duty. Not. A. Word. Selective outrage pisses me off as much as selective free speech, and selective anything. I avoided a troll/flame war by simply moving on.

    Ever since LG was diagnosed with diabetes, I've been modeling our meals toward healthy. Other than our once-a-week pizza on Tuesday. Even so, I go for chicken and spinach as toppings.

    Look around for a used gazelle. I like it much better than a treadmill and I'm back on it--mostly--since unearthing it.

    That said, my mission to declutter my office has stalled. Deadlines and such. And lazyness. I write to avoid housework. I do housework to avoid writing. *shrug*

    Yay on people finding BLOOD FLOW! I hope that leads to them discovering your other books! I put all of mine on a big sale (no advertising but what I do myself) and for two days my sales ticked up then dropped and now I'm back to none, one, or two a day. At that rate, I'm not making enough royalty to offset the lower price. I'll put them back to regular price soon.

    I gotta hit Wallyworld today. Need dog food and dinner. Have no clue what I'm fixing for the latter. Hopefully, something will jump into my basket.

    I'm listening to Anne Bishop's newest addition to her The Others world. It's interesting. And it's getting me on the gazelle for said exercise because I want to listen to it instead of work and that's how I justify procrastinating on finishing the damn book.

    And that's all I got. Later, tater.

    1. Yeah, flame wars would've been unproductive. Those that need to listen never do.

      I read something about 'frozen pizza' in particular being high in LDL. I would assume if regular pizza was part of the problem they would've mentioned that, too. I'm just too lazy to make regular pizza and no one around here delivers.

      I'll take a look at the gazelle. I just want to be able to walk when the weather is too nasty to walk outside.

      Yay for decluttering! Yeah, that's a quandary - write or clean...

      From your fingers to the readers' ears. Sorry your sale didn't show a huge uptick in sales. People need to read your books.

      Hope the Wallyworld experience went well for you yesterday. And that something yummy jumped into your basket.

      I have an Anne Bishop book around here somewhere, I think. I keep meaning to read it. Yay for it getting you exercising!

      Now, go finish your book.

  2. Yay for eating healthier! A lot of that stuff tastes wonderful once you get used to it.

    Of course, I LOVE 72% cacao chocolate. I can't stand milk chocolate anymore.

    Hooray for BloodFlow! I hope lots of people find the rest of your books, too!

    1. Oh, it tastes pretty good now. Except the chocolate. I've never been a fan of dark chocolate anyway. Ew.

      Thanks! From your fingers to readers' ears. =o)