Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mental Meanderings

It's Tuesday?  Already?  What?  Where did Monday go??

Between work stuff and errands, I lost most of yesterday and what wasn't lost passed too quickly.  Hmpfh.  For a while yesterday afternoon, I thought it was Wednesday because I'd already done lots of stuffs.  This does not help with my inability to discern which day it is. 

And the time change sucks, of course.  After months of getting up at 4:30, I'm now getting up at 5.  Which is actually a half hour earlier than I was getting up before.  Bah and argh.  I thought I was handling this one pretty good until I realized that was happening.  No wonder I'm still dragging ass at 8pm... which was 7pm...  when I should be awake and alert until 9pm... which was 8pm... The whole thing gives me a headache.

Okay, something happy... happy... I should think of something positive to say here...  The second day of exercising went better than the first.  I'm not sore as this morning as I was yesterday morning.  I did the 5/5/5 in the morning and then walked in the afternoon.  And I made chicken and vegetable stir-fry for dinner.  That's healthy, right?  I also had a bowl of Strawberry Cheesecake Forever ice cream, which wasn't healthy but so yummy.

Another happy thing...  The cardinals are singing their spring songs now.  And the white-crowned sparrows are singing their little ditties.  Spring is in the air.  This is my favorite season.  I love how everything is coming back to life after drab and dreary winter.

You know, I really do feel better when I think of happy things.  Sure, some stuff sucks, but there are always happy things to find.  Sometimes you might have to look pretty hard, but they're there.

And now I hear Hubs rumbling through his wake up routine.  He's doing a bit better than I am with the time change thing.  Go him. 

Time to start the day. Have an awesome one.  And leave something positive in the comments.  You'll feel better if you do.  =o)


  1. Have I mentioned that I hate DST? That said, I need to dig out the hummingbird feeder. Warm weather is hitting sooner and I'm worried the hummers might come sooner than later. The sparrows who co-opted the martin house outside my office window (that's a long story...) are adding new bits and pieces to their nests. I've been shredding dryer lint and hanging it on the honeysuckle vine. The robins are out. They like dog food. So do the crows.

    Things went a little wonky attention-wise yesterday so I only got 6 chapters edited. They turned out better than anticipated. Not sure if I should be concerned or thrilled. LOL

    Cool weather today but 80 by the end of the week. And it's Tuesday. That means pizza. I don't have to cook!!! And now for more coffee and then to work!

  2. Ick to the time change.

    Yay for exercising and good food! And for birdsong!!!

    Okay, it's been a day. I'm grateful for birds and warm weather to come. And that it's bedtime. ;-)