Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Update - Week Whatever

I refuse to post a positive update this week.  It's Saturday night and I'm in a crabby mood.

Let's see...

I slipped off the top step of the porch on Wednesday, and in an attempt to not faceplant in the driveway gravel, I pirouetted with the style and grace of a prima ballerina elephant, and landed on my left ass cheek creating sufficient force to turn my butt into an abstract art piece from some hack's blue period. I also wrenched my left arm, which makes sleeping and driving a whole lot of fun.  Lucky for me, it hasn't hampered my ability to write.  No, that's got it's own hampers, thank you very much.

The AC got fixed.  But the lawn mower lost a wheel.  On Wednesday.  While I was falling off the porch.  Hubs got it jerry-rigged back together because who wants to pay $50 a wheel for a freakin' mower?  Not my penny-pinching self, that's for sure.

So here I am, sitting off to one side because my ass hurts, and trying to hammer some words out when I can...  And I've been like really proud of all the work I've been putting in on Bloodflow, and I'm really liking where it's going... when I see an article about microchip implants for humans...  Which is the premise behind Bloodflow and having it out there for real kind of shits out the basis for my damn book that I've spent the past 2 months rewriting.  Which means now I have to either shitcan the book or rewrite it AGAIN. 

I can't do this again.

Right at this moment, I'm not sure I can keep doing any of this.

And yet, I forge on.  I dipped under 100K on that book I'm tweezing with 33 pages left to go, so it'll definitely be done by my self-prescribed date of 9/1.  Now I need to muster the will to send it off into the world again.  :headdesk:

I'm going back to playing in the family tree.  At least all those people are dead and can't piss me off.  (Really I'm mostly pissed at myself these days, but the dead relatives distract me.)

ETA: And just so ya know and don't get all concerned, I still wrote last night.  Cuz I kinda hafta finish this thing.  It's a moral imperative.


  1. Ouch - having done that ballet move myself, I know how much you're hurting! Good thing about butt cheeks - lots of padding - but the arm! Yikes - no sprain or swelling? Take it easy and, as my friend the EMT says, get ahead of the pain with some tylenol or advil or something!

    Sorry about the wheel on the mower. The old disposable society issue - perfectly fine, but almost as cheap to go buy a new mower than fix it!

    OK - I believe you once told me to never mind what's out there, what's been done, just keep writing YOUR story! I'm sending that advice back to you. It's early morning here, I know there's lots of examples of stuff that's 'real', yet people still write about it (murder comes to mind, not sure what kind of day that means I'm going to have). You're so close - and determined - get it done, get it sent!!

    Hope your next week is much better than this past week :)

    1. We are the graceful ones, aren't we, Janet? No sprain and no swelling - just purple butt. I'm hanging out with my friend Aleve.

      We picked up some old washers from the thrift store and Hubs cobbled the wheel back on. $50 problem solved with 20 cents worth of washers.

      Suuuure, throw my own words back at me. Xop LOL, yes, I will get it done. Whether it goes anywhere once it's finished (other than out to my friends), who knows? But it'll be done and I'll still love it.


  2. I'm sorry you had such a tough week and I know what it's like to be absolutely sick of a manuscript. ((hugs))

  3. What Janet and JB said. We won't talk about balletic grace, bruises, and mechanical stuff. LG's truck almost lost a wheel, too, only it was while his bro was putting on new shocks for LG's b-day instead of driving down the road, which it could have been! *whew*

    As for the MS. So what?!? Microchipping isn't a big thing. And it won't be for years because that whole privacy thing and only truly nerdy geeks are doing the "passkey chip" thing for computer use. Write the damn book. Then send to me to read. :-P Do it! *cracks whip* And you damn well better send out the tweezed book. It's gonna be all bright and shiny and stylish with new eyebrows and no witchy hair sprouting from moles and sh...stuff.

    Don't make me come up there...

    1. Wow, I'[m so glad your BIL caught the problem before LG got hurt. Would you believe I wanted to be a dancer for a short while when I was little? Then I realized I'm too long and thick boned for that kind of grace. And now I have no grace at all. ;o)

      You don't have to come up here. I will finish Bloodflow and send it to you. Give me a couple weeks. I will submit Wish in One Hand - just as soon as I check it for typos one more time and make sure no moles with hairs have sprouted while I wasn't looking.

  4. Hugs on a rotten week! I hope your bruises heal up quickly.

    I agree with Janet, JB, and Silver. Don't worry about the headlines. If nothing else, it makes your book more timely and believable. Some agent may say, "Hey, I just read about that being real, I bet I can sell it right now!"

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      Here's hoping you're right about it being timely and junk. And that really does make a difference with the submissions. Time will tell. =o)