Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The MONUMENTAL FLAW... Not so monumental after all

So anyway, if y'all were here Sunday, you'll know I wasn't all Suzie Sunshine.  I'll admit it - Bloodflow had me down.  And all y'all were very supportive, including them what threatened to kick my big ol' bootay.  As the addendum said, I did get back to work the very night I wrote that post.  I still was angsting about the damn thing in a big way, but I ate my brussels sprouts and got the words out.

Let me tell ya a little story before I continue with this...

Back in 2004, I started my first book and I was pretty damn proud of myself.  So I took a chunk of what I'd already written and I showed it to my ex-boyfriend (cuz he was all like 'English professor' and junk).  I know, I know... big mistake, right?  But not for the reason you're thinking.  It wasn't that he found a shitload of grammar or spelling mistakes.  I don't even think he had a problem with the writing itself.  (Don't remember now.  I'm kind of repressing a lot of that BS.) 

No, he had a problem with the premise as it related to facts in reality.  As in, he read a news story about something that had actually happened that didn't jive with how my book was written. 

Hopes crushed.  Heart smushed.  Burgeoning writerly dreams smashed like so many eggs on Devils' Night. 

Until one night a few days later, I was laying in bed angsting about the damn thing in a big way (only back then, I couldn't push through the angst), when a flash of insight hit me like a bolt out of the clear blue summer sky.  I popped up out of bed, turned the computer back on, and rewrote one particular scene that freakin' handled the issue. 

The same thing happened to me last night.  I was laying there angsting because no matter how many words I pushed ahead with on this rewrite, it was still flawed.  And KERPOW!  I turned to Hubs, gave him a quick kiss, and popped out of bed.  In no time at all, I was back in bed after having addressed that MONUMENTAL FLAW... that really only took about 100 words to address.  Problem solved, I went back to bed.

Unfortunately, by then, I wasn't really tired, so I just laid there thinking about other stuff and hoping Mr. Sandman would throw a handful of sleepy dust my way. 

Anyway, the problem is fixed.  The angst is gone.  And I feel better.  Thanks everyone for being awesome and supportive and junk.  :hugs:

And a big thanks to the Hubs for being so understanding and supportive and laughing with me when I do crazy things like jump out of bed to fix a flaw that wasn't really a problem for anyone but me.  ;o)


  1. Wow, Hubs is a definite improvement on ex and obviously a keeper - lucky girl. Good to know you solved the problem though.

    1. Light years of improvement over every ex I've ever had, Fran. =o)

  2. Amazing how Muses work like that. ;)

    *pbthhhh* on the ex. Yay on the hubs. Hip, hip, hooray for the fixes! I love it when a plan comes together!

    1. I think y muse is dense and ADHD, Silver. LOL

      Yes, pbbtthh on him. And yay on the Hubs. And yes, everything is working on like I planned. :evil laugh:

  3. Now THIS is the kind of post I like to read. :-) Congrats!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Deb! So am I. It only looked overwhelming, like a tiny tiny bug blown up to man sized. ;o)