Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 37

Good morning!  How the heck are all y'all?

Well, I'm sore.  And stiff.  But satisfied.  Yesterday, I got a wild hair to wash the deck.  Over the summer, it got all mildew stained plus had this green patina going on.  So I took to the internet, found a place where they had suggestions for cleaning mildew off a wood deck, and I took their suggestion (partly).  I mixed up some vinegar (1 qt) and dishsoap (1/4 c) and water (3 qts).  Using a big broom and a little scrub brush, I applied it to the deck, then waited fifteen minutes.  Then I used the same mixture to scrub it all down.  It isn't totally spotless, but it does look way better.  Hence, stiff and sore but satisfied.

In other news, I finished Bloodflow's rewrite.  I wrote like a mad woman for like 5 hours straight on Wednesday - putting out like 6300 words.  That left me with a total of 110488.  Now I need to tweeze and polish this.  Friday I snipped out an irrelevant scene leaving me with 109K.  It's kinda top heavy, but I can make it awesome.

Also, I've got WIOH on the Kindle and I've been going through line by line looking for errors I may have created during the tweezing phase.  Yup, they're there.  I'm about a third of the way through - jotting the flaws in a notebook so I can fix them later.  Ugh, there are way more than I expected.  

Otherwise, I haven't been doing much of anything else.  I planned on making cookies.  That didn't happen.  I planned on vacuuming and dusting.  Nope.  I did get the fridge washed out, though, so that's something else. 

What have you been up to this week?  Anything exciting on tap for next week?


  1. When you finish your pass on WIOH, shoot it to me. I'll check it for typos.

    I finished setting up the wiki/series bible for my Moonstruck series. Now I can revise BLUE MOON. Or will once I get revisions of COWGIRL"S LITTLE SECRET done. I got that letter Friday afternoon and I'm getting a call from my editor tomorrow afternoon. Lawyer Guy is coming home early to handle Sprout Duty so I can talk uniterrupted. :) He's a good guy!

    I also squeezed in some outside reading. Started and finished FESTIVE IN DEATH. REALLY enjoy it! It was a kinder, gentler In Death book, but very satisfying. Then I read the debut release from one of my chapter mates. It, but required suspending all belief.

    Oh, and I cut my hair. Yes, I said *I* cut it. My hairdresser packed up and moved to Florida with a sugar daddy and my hair hasn't been cut since May. It was drivin' me nuts and I figured I couldn't butcher it any worse than a walk-in salon. LG asked if I'd stopped in to get it cut on my way to meet him and his office mate for dim sum. (Did I mention he's a keeper?) Anyway, I like the cut so now I don't have to worry about it.

    As mentioned, phone call from editor, then lots and lots and lots of work! And Sprout time. Crossing fingers a spot opens up at their preferred day care in October. Not sure I can last until January. *headdesk*

    Have a great week!

  2. Hooray for finishing your rewrite! Wishing you great success in finding all the typos. They're sneaky little monsters.

    You reminded me I need to repaint my porches and steps. I have a feeling it won't happen this year. Again. ;-)

    I'm still filling in holes in my book. Once that's done, I'll (desperately) need to start chopping out redundancies. (The nonfiction version of killing my darlings.)

  3. Busy weekend huh? I had visitors, my sister & step-mum and it was lovely to see them, especially as my flat now looks clean cos I did the usual domestic stuff in honour of their visit. On Sunday I finished off the quilt top I was making, made the binding & basted it. Now its ready for the quilting. Nice to have a productive weekend, but now its back to work ... groan.