Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 33

Hi ho.  It's Saturday night for me and Sunday morning for you, but I don't plan on doing any more work this week, so this is as up to date as I can get.

With regard to writing, I typed out 13567 words this past week.  I'm looking ahead a month and don't know whether I can get the rest of this done by mid-September.  Well, I might have the words all typed, but I'll still need to go back and polish it before I let anyone see it, so I won't totally be breaking my promise.  This just took way longer than I thought it would.  But it is so much better than it was before already, so that's a win.  =o)

In polishing news, I'm down to just under 104K and halfway through the book in the line-by-line tightening.  I wish I was farther along, but I slacked off on that part.

I'm also not making any progress in the research category.  No offense to them what love Mallory, but he's long-winded and I haven't the patience for him in my more advanced years.  The last time I read Le Morte d'Arthur I was in my teens.  Young with my scads of time.  (Probably skipped doing homework to read the book - cuz that was how I rolled, baby.)

I did work on the driveway drainage thing a bit this week.  We got like 2.3 inches of rain one afternoon, and it showed me exactly where the flaws were so I could correct them.  (It was like a freakin' river out there.)  I think I've got it mostly corrected, but I won't know for sure until the next big rain.  And who knows when that'll be.  :shrug:  Even if it is fixed, I still have cosmetic work to do - because right now, it's functional, but ugly as hell.  LOL

As I said Friday, I've also written several blog posts that will never see the light of day.  Long and ranty.  That's not the positivity I've been going for - either here or in my real life - so screw it.  Still, writing those posts helps get the poison out of my head so I can face the day without wanting to hide under my bed from all the crap going on in the world.

And just as an update, Fat Boy the fawn is doing well.  He kinda freaked me out the other day because he was sleeping in the side yard - and the last time a fawn slept in our yard, she died.  But he was just napping.  His mom showed up after a little while, and he got up to go eat with her, then they left together.  Since then, he curled up in almost the same spot after he finished eating while he waited for her to finish, then they left together again.  It's all very cute and Disney-like (minus the hunter part where Bambi's mom dies.)  I'll post pictures of him another day.  =o)

How were things in your world last week?


  1. Adjusting to having a baby in the house has been...interesting. I'll leave it at that. Needless to say, my word count is down. I also beta read a very interesting mystery by an author who shall remain nameless...not that I'm looking at anyone... *looks shifty-eyed* Trying to get caught up and get errands run in advance of the coming week because lugging Magic Bean Sprout to the store is not my idea of fun and games, though I do have to lug him to the car dealership for my 40K maintenance appointment. Fun times!

    Time to get back to work.... *wanders off looking for coffee*

    1. I can't imagine trying to work with a baby in the house, Silver. It was hard enough when I had the Kid around and she was old enough to understand 'not right now, I'm writing'.

      LOL, I have no idea who that author could've been. :nods and returns shifty-eyed look:

      Good luck getting caught up, and have fun with MBS, Well, as much fun as running errands with a baby can be.l

  2. Hooray for over 13,000 words! You'll get this draft done on time. Polishing doesn't count. I can polish for months, and still find typos.

    I'm sooooooo envious of your rain. :-)

    Yay for Fat Boy! I'm looking forward to photos.

    I got around 18 pages typed in (still avoiding the word count), and a bunch of illustrations cleaned up. Didn't get anything worth mentioning done on the pattern front. I need to get back to that!

    1. Thanks, Deb! Yeah, writers never really finish a book - we just get it to a point where we think it's done enough and hope for the best. ;o)

      You can't have my rain. We went July without a drop, then it all came down at once. Now it's dry again. Bleh.

      Go you! 18 pages is awesome and yay for cleaning up the illustrations! Now go, work on your patterns. =o)