Friday, August 22, 2014

Cheap Decor Finds

Hey all.  I know I've already showed you my nifty typewriter and my awesome chairs - heck, they're right up there in the header for this blog.  This week, I got a really awesome painting for cheap and while I was taking a picture of it to send to a friend, I went around and took pics of my other art finds.  I thought today would be a good day to share those.

(And before you look, please understand that these are hung straight - it's the photographer who's a little tilted.)

This one is hanging in the office near Hubs' desk.  He loves labs.

This is over by the bookshelves.  I just loved the old world feel of this and the fact that it's a special print on a thin piece of metal.
Hubs and I found this at the antiques mall.  It's my first real painting (that I didn't do myself in art class.)  It's hanging where the kitchen transitions into the dining area.
Here's my latest score - another real painting.  We put this over the dining room table.
I found this next one as just a print in plastic in the thrift store bin.  Then I located a frame I liked in their frame bin, but that didn't have glass, so I bought a crappy frame with a good piece of glass.
I got this next one the other day.  It just makes me happy.
This next one I bought because the dog reminded me of my childhood pet.
Lastly in the photo array, but not the last stuff I have on the walls is one of the first pics I bought after we moved. 
All of the above for under $100 total.  Score!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the art tour of our house.  There are still a few boring spots on the walls, but I'll fill those as I find things that make me happy.  (And I have my eye on this gorgeous old print and frame of a train stop and people in Victorian garb. I just won't buy it until I can envision where it'll go.)



  1. What a great idea! I should do a blog post like this.

    I am ALWAYS on the hunt for expensive looking frames. I have an old oil painting of Roman ruins hanging right above a pastoral scene with sheep. You'd never be able to tell that the sheep picture is a print because they're both in very fancy, schmancy frames.

  2. Cool idea -- taking pictures of your pictures. I must try that. Although, I don't have that many pictures on the walls. None in my bedroom. Too much work to hang! And then there's the dusting! Oh wait, I don't do that, either. Hmmm... I might want to dust BEFORE I take the pictures! Haha. :)