Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 31

I'm writing this Saturday night!  Ah, it's nice to be back on track.  For how long?  :shrug:  I'm not questioning it.  I'm just riding the wave.

Anyway, here's how last week shaped up:

I managed to rewrite 11966 words this week and I just finished chapter 12.  Of course, putting it that way makes me realize my urge to break chapter 12 into more than one chapter is probably the urge to follow.  3.5 chapter and almost 12K words... Not my style.  Tomorrow, I'll break it up and then I'll be starting chapter 14 instead of 13.  Go me.

In other writerly news, I've been chugging along on my research for the secret book.  It's slow going and my brain wants to jump ahead and start writing, but I promised myself I'd wait.  Besides, if I wrote it all now, I'd have to really edit the hell out of it because the facts in my memory are not to be trusted.  Nope, do a little research now and get it seated in those brain cells again before I rush headlong into disaster.  (Not my style, I know, but I'm trying to evolve here.)

In other other writerly news, I finished the business research I was doing.  And what I learned is I need to tweeze about 8K words out of this other manuscript before I can send it to someplace I'm pretty sure will love it.  (I won't go into Hubs' thoughts on this.  Suffice it to say, I'd like this whole process better if it worked like he thinks it ought to work - and basically like any other business I've ever been in.)

Other than that, my wildflower garden - the one where I found the copperhead - having now been weeded, is thriving.  I have all sorts of things blooming and I have no idea what they are.  Little purple things and pink things and blue things with the marigolds I scattered around providing nice bursts of orange and yellow.  I'd take a pic, but I'm afraid the blossoms are too small to really convey their beauty on a pic.  Take it from me, it's a bright and happy spot.

Okay, now go be productive somewhere - even if all you're producing is your own happiness.  ;o)

And please take a moment to tell me how things are in your life.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan for the day and the upcoming week. I'm totally pleased with your writing direction. Go you! (Yeah, if my feelings on the matter...matter. ;) ) I love wild flower plots. I wish I had a spot for one but that would mean digging and landscaping and planting and...yard work. Nope. Not goin' there. LOL

    I finally found the right place to start the 3rd book in the Red Dirt Royalty book and managed to get the first chapter down. Now to move on to chapter 2 and 3 and the synopsis and follow-on books info so I can ship it all off to Mr. HEd. Then maybe I'll have a little breathing space to get the next Moonstruck book written.

    Time to shut down the 'net and get to work. Later gator!

    1. Your feelings matter, Silver. You're one of my go-to gals for petesakes. LOL, but landscaping is fun. Except for the bugs, and the snakes, and the heavy lifting. ;o)

      Yay! You go, girl! Get that darn book 3 going. I knew you could do it.

      Hope your shutting down and working worked. I'm done working for the night finally and shutting down so I can relax. LOL