Friday, January 31, 2014

So Anyway...

The anger has passed.  I'm quick that way.  Feel the emotion, get it out, get it over with and move on.  Five stages of grief in two days.  Works for me.  I mean, it's not like my cat died or anything. 

Now, there are those of you who probably cringed that I wrote that post at all.  We've all heard that were not supposed to bitch about our rejections online.  It'll kill the deal, or some such nonsense.  :shrug:  I figure letting it out and dealing with it is the best way to move on from it.  That I choose the blogosphere?  Well, this is my outlet.  I don't have people offline that I talk to other than family, and while my daughter, my mother and my husband are all sympathetic, they don't write so they don't get it.  You people here - you get it. 

I say, don't bottle this crap up.  If you're angry, say "I'm angry".  Admit it.  Don't belabor the point.  Don't make a whole big show of it by blowing the whole thing into a shitstorm of epic proportions.  Just admit you're pissed and then move on. I wrote that post and then settled in to work on research so I can start querying again.  Drained that big, puss-filled abscess of anger and then got back to work.

That's my process.  Them what don't like it or understand it?  Well, I can't help them.  I can only do what I do.

Of course, I was in the middle of doing actual work when weird and draining life stuff hit, but there's no help for that.  I did actually get two queries out before the avalanche of crap overwhelmed me and I went to go read.  (Reading = the solution to overwhelming crap avalanches.)

And today?  Well, today will be a better day.  I will do some more research and send some more queries.  I will write more than the piddlin' 400 words I got out yesterday before I sought solace in a book.  And if it all gets overwhelming again, maybe I'll go into the woods and saw some more dead wood.  If and when we ever get a wood stove, the stuff to burn will be cut into nice sections. 

What's on your plate today?  And are you someone who lets the emotions out or are you a bottler? 


  1. *hand up* Bottler! Ooh, and let me tell you that bottle can get pretty fizzy so that when the cap blows - geesh, it's, what's the word you used, extremely puss-filled! LOL Trying harder to not be a bottler, but in times of trouble, I always default to that.

    And if we are never to bitch or complain, how are we to know that our angst is 'normal', right?

    Today - TGIF! And that's all i can say about today :)

  2. I read when I'm depressed, too. But I'd like you to read this blog post:

    I've started self-publishing my books. To heck with the gatekeepers!

  3. I lose it. But I normally do it in private. Out loud, but alone. But for the dogs. They cringe, running and hiding until I'm done, then they creep back in to stick their noses in my lap in their canine equivalent of hugs.

    We may be writers, but we're human. We get pissed off. We get our feelings hurt. We get jealous. We deal with that seething mass of...*stuff* in the way that works for us. And then we pour our emotions into our work. That's why we aren't crazy because the voices in our heads are so insistent. ;)

    FYI? I have no problem with venting. You didn't mention names. You didn't rant that those involved were terrible or stupid or anything. You know this is a business and sometimes we don't get hired for the opening. It happens. We can be angry, sad, upset, hurt, jealous, whatever. We're human. *shrug* You're moving on and that's what matters.

  4. I let my emotions out. I come from a French-Irish family. There's no bottling going on here (except for, you know, the Guinness kind).

    I've been sick this week, so I didn't have high hopes for today. I think I came down with some sort of mini-flu earlier, but I feel better now. I only had one dizzy spell this morning and it passed quickly. I managed to tidy the house (not a full-fledged cleaning day, because I'm sick), and I hope to finish a chapter or two today. Tonight I'm also hoping to go to Starbucks with the hubby for some words. We've been trying to go since Wednesday, but I was too sick to leave the house. Puke = not a good mix with Starbucks. *shrugs*

  5. I'm a bottler, but then that bottle has been known to explode in the most inopportune time. Oops.

    What's on my plate today? Pay the bills (done). Wash the clothes (in process). Write! Glad I can do that last part while the laundry is going on.

  6. I'm a bottler in public. But I'm lucky enough to have friends who let me vent to them, knowing the information and the tirade won't go beyond our conversation--and icy margaritas. :)

    In the big picture, it's all small stuff, so I try to put it in perspective as quickly as possible. Good friends (public or private) can let you do that.

    PS When I'm alone with my troubles, wood-cutting (or weeding) is an excellent substitute!