Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Update Week 4

Welcome to the Sunday Update - where I tell you what happened around here in the past week and then you tell me what happened in your world.  (But remember, no matter how much life may have trampled on you in the past week, I'd like for you to try to come up with at least one positive thing that happened.  Even if it's just 'the tides are still coming in'.)

I'm really trying to have these things scheduled, but by the time I finished writing last night, I plum forgot.  So let's see what bleary-eyed, pre-coffee B.E.can come up with.

I saw a red-shouldered hawk off the back deck yesterday.  Hubs was out there and heard a commotion.  When I stepped out, he told me what he heard and we could both hear a grey squirrel shrieking (they make horrible noises sometimes).  So I scanned the woods to see if maybe Mittens had come back and either got a squirrel or scared it sufficiently so that it was now warning every critter within a mile.  That's when I saw the hawk perched low on some dead cedar branches.  I figure it must've missed and what Hubs heard was the bird and the squirrel kicking up leaves.

Also, when I was on my way home from Walmart, I saw an adult bald eagle and an immature bald eagle doing a little aerial acrobatics.  Almost as cool as the other day when I was just starting to cross the nearby bridge when a pair of adult eagles swooped up from the river and over my car.

Other than that, the Walmart trip was uneventful - which is always a good thing.  I even got a super-efficient cashier who zipped through my cartload of stuff in record time.

On the writing front, as of last night I'm over 50K.  In fact I just shy of 51K.  Woohoo.  I told myself yesterday morning that if I put my head down, I could conceivably make 50 by the end of the day, and I did it.  That puts me at almost 17K for the week.  I'm pretty proud of the fact that I cranked out that many words in 22 days.  Puts me at roughly 2350 words a day.  Sure, they aren't exactly new words, but that's quite an accomplishment.  And hey, my fingers haven't fallen off yet!  Yay!

In kitchen news, I made No-bake cookies.  I had to substitute evaporated milk for regular milk in the recipe, but they still turned out okay.  I'll post the recipe later this week.

In reading, I finished Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith, sucked down Beyond by Maureen A. Miller, and read just about half of Kristen Painter's Last Blood.

That's about it for my updates.  How did things go in your week?


  1. Wow - you had a great week. And impressive word counts, B.E.!! Looking forward to the recipe later this week.

    This week? Positive? Got my poster picture hung up - very, very happy with it (will post pics on blog tomorrow)! And I go my three bouts of burst training in for the week. Looking back, it was kind of a dull week!

  2. Thanks, Janet! Now I just have to remember to post the recipe. LOL

    Ooo, I can't wait to see your poster picture. I still haven't hung the new art I bought. Got nails out yesterday and then got distracted. Maybe today. Congrats on getting through your burst training for the week! And dull is good sometimes. =o)

  3. Sounds like you had a great week!

    Is there a site you'd recommend for identifying birds? I saw "new to me" ones this week and would love to know what they are.

    Thanks to the help of friends (like you) I finished the blurb for THE HITWOMAN HUNTS A GHOST and with the help of another friend I got my website updated. :-)

    1. Sorry, JB, I meant to get back here and reply yesterday. I don't use a site for the most part. I have The North American Field Guide to Birds (both the eastern and the western regions copies). If you want, you can try - it's the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They even have an identification app you can download if you have that kind of phone.

      Yay for finishing that blurb! And yay for the site update!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of words! Impressive =)

    I managed to slide into first place with the sprint challenge. We still have until the end of the month, but I'm ahead right now, so yay!

    I finished a logline for my current WIP (AHR) as well as one story I shelved (Warrior Branded). I'm working on one for my YA (Struck) right now. I am updating my blog's writing page to look more professional, so I thought my stories should have little descriptions.

    Last night we had family over for some delicious taco soup and crumb cake, then we played a game. It was lots of fun! =)

    1. Thanks, Nat! And way to go with the first place thing! I'll keep positive thoughts headed your way to hang onto it for the win!

      Wow, you're pretty busy, too. Good for you. If you need a reader, let me know. =o)

      Yay for fun with family!

  5. I stayed in bed all weekend. I'm ready to go back under the covers. LOL Love the wildlife up your way. I'm jealous. ;)