Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Update - Week Two

(Sorry.  This was supposed to go live at 2:30am instead of 10:15 when I wondered why it wasn't up. I must've hit save instead of publish...)

Here we are again.  Week Two 2014 and I'm still here!  That in itself is an accomplishment.

As for what else happened this fine week... I really should write stuff down as it happens so I don't forget.

Speaking of forgetting, Saturday was the 20th anniversary of my surviving a massive car accident.  Every day is a day I wouldn't have had if the dominoes hadn't fallen in the right order, so that's a cause for celebration.

In writerly news, I added 14K words to last week's total of 7K, bringing the total word count for Wrongful Termination up to 21K words.  That's me writing every day since January 3rd.  Haven't missed a day yet.  Woohoo!  I'm not going to make any promises about when this rewrite will be done and it'll be ready to send to beta readers, but at this rate, it could be end of January to mid-February.

On a personal level, the after-Christmas present I ordered for my husband back on the 3rd - which was supposed to be delivered by the 8th - finally arrived.  He was surprised.  Yay!  And he loved it.  Double yay! 

After the freakin' polar vortex thingie, that dropped SW MO temps to single digits with minus teen wind chills, we hit 51F Friday.  There were thunderstorms!  And it poured rain.  On January 10th!  Pretty cool. 

Well, that's about it for last week's accomplishments.  Sound off and tell me how your week went.  Remember, you can talk about anything (within reason), but I'm making it a rule that you have to leave at least one positive thing that happened to you in the past week - even if it's 'I didn't kill anyone last week'.  ;o)


  1. Wow, rock out on the word count!! Nice! Hmmm, I did a bit of editing, reading, and house hunting this week. And I stopped obsessing (a little bit).

  2. Thanks, Alexia! I'm trying. =o) Yay for your editing and yay for reading. What's this about house hunting? Yay for that, too, if you're excited about it.

    And yes, stop obsessing - especially if you obsessing over what I think you're obsessing over. Put it out of your mind before you drive yourself nuts. That's what I did.

  3. Sunday is my day of laziness. I catch up on the DVR'd TV shows, I read, I stay in bed--mostly. As a rule, I don't get on the computer until late when I set up my blog post for tomorrow. Good things that happened--I got a new desk chair. It is magnificent! It's the right height for my desk, it has lumbar support, and the cushion isn't flat. My old chair was going on 10. Yeah. That's lots of mushing down of cushion padding. I lost two pounds, though I think I found them tonight. Ah well. And I got a free Starbucks because the lady in the drive-thru lane in front of me made me break my New Year's resolution to avoid stupid people. The barista gave me frappucino for free. :D

    Here's to a grand new week.

    1. LOL, today ended up being my lazy day, too, Silver, since I decided to skip writing for tonight.

      Yay for your new desk chair! And yay for free frappucino, even if you did have to deal with a stupid person.

      Here here for the grand new week!

  4. I'm late! OK, last week - positive - I exercised 4 times and I broke out the cross-stitch that I've been working on forever! Oh, and I had fast food for the first time in over a year! Whew, there!

    So happy to hear about your writing progress, B.E. - and keep my name in the running for beta reading, k?

  5. OK, not sure if that went through - Blogger's causing issues. I'll just say that I had a decent week and that I'm thrilled you're back to writing up a storm, B.E. Keep me in the running for beta readers :)