Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mixed Bag

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to reading the books that have been in my TBR pile forever.  If you want to get my take on Out for Blood by Kristen Painter - a book I've had since October and only just finished - head on over to Killer Chicks where I'm doing a Random Fandom.  Right now, I'm reading Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter (that I've had at least since my daughter was still living with us).  The final really forgotten TBR book is How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Aiken - sitting in my possession since last September. 

In the Springfield, MO paper this past Sunday, they had an article about the top jobs for introverts.  I don't know if these were in order, but Writer was listed fifth.  Well, duh.  The only issue I had with the whole thing is it said the median income for writers is $55K a year.  Umm, suuuuure.  I'll be expecting that check from my 'employer' forthwith.  I could use a cool $55K.

I got excited yesterday because I got a check in the mail for a little computer consulting I did.  A whopping $100.  And it was from my mom.  (No, I don't charge my mother for helping her personally.  She doesn't even own a computer.  What she does do is take care of the family business and I consult for that.  When I do, she shoots a little scratch my way.)  I cashed it, bought lunch and then paid for this week's 200 lbs of deer feed.  So much for being a little rich.  LOL

I didn't tell anyone this, but I entered a contest last month.  It was called Femme Fatale and Gemma Halliday was putting it on.  I got notified last night that I didn't make the cut, but the race was pretty tight.  Win or not, it was fun to enter and hope for a little while.  I'd like to thank Gemma for the opportunity and for such a quick turnaround time on that sucker.  No waiting there.  Hallelujah.

The doe I've named Scarlet (because she has a couple large scars on her sides and calling her 'Scar' was making me feel bad) shows up almost every day, but I assumed she hadn't had a fawn this year.  I mean, she never had one with her, so I made a logical assumption.  And of course, I felt bad for her.  This morning, though, she had her own fawn with her!  Yay for Scarlet!

I didn't write a single word all weekend.  (Well, not a word having to do with fiction.  I wrote blogs and emails and junk.)  Consequently, my goal of a chapter a day ended up two days behind.  Bleh.  Yesterday, in an effort to catch back up, I rewrote about 5K words.  Only a chapter behind now.  Of course, my hands are sausages today, but I will keep forging ahead.  (As long as the Aspercreme keeps doing its job.)

Yeah, even with not working all weekend, I still managed over 16K words for the week of the 7th.  Woohoot! 

Anything in your mixed bag today? 

Oh, and if you haven't stopped by The Guide, Maria Zannini did an excellent post on finding the right cover for your book. 


  1. I'm surprised you didn't use your $100 to buy more books! :-)

    I've got a mixed bag too, but I can't talk about much of it, lol. One of my goals for the year was to find a couple of volunteer opportunities. Today I'm going give volunteering at the rescue organization I adopted one of my dogs from a try....of COURSE it's going to be like the hottest, most humid day of the Summer....gotta admire my timing, lol.

  2. I did buy some books, JB. LOL

    Have fun volunteering at the rescue group. The Kid was volunteering at the Humane Society. She seemed to enjoy it - even if she couldn't take all the kitties home. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a stiff breeze... or AC at the place.

  3. I keep losing my power--not good for electronic equipment. :(

    I would've caught up with all my computer work too if it hadn't been for all the power outages.

    Now I'm having to catch up.