Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hair, Beautiful Hair

I'm breaking down and getting a haircut today.  I'm way overdue - again.  I don't know what it is about getting my hair cut that makes me drag it out.  I'm all like 'meh' until I notice myself pulling it into a ponytail every damn day and then I need it cut NOW.  This time around it's been like 5 months - and I need a cut so bad I almost whacked it off myself yesterday.  "Hand me the scissors and to hell with looking good!"  Yah, didn't go there. Thank goodness.

Maybe it's that I haven't really had a good haircut in 9+ years.  When I lived in Utah, there was this one gal who did an awesome job on my hair - and then she moved.  She was the last great haircut I had.  The Utah gal after her was so-so.  My first beautician in Colorado should've changed her sign to say "Butcher".  Then I found another gal who was alright, but she moved.  And her replacement was so-so. 

I'm totally dying for a good cut.  But I'm not getting my hopes up. 

And it's not like I get anything difficult done.  Cut it like whatever picture I bring in for you.  I even try to get big pictures with good definition so you can see how the cut should be done.  And for 9+ years, I've walked out with hair that looks nothing like the pic I gave her. 

A few years back I took the Kid to Walmart and she got this guy, Daylen.  He was wicked awesome.  Her hair was wicked awesome, too.  And he was fun.  I wanted him to be my sassy gay friend.  (Out and proud in the NE plains of Colorado, bless his heart.)  But I didn't need a haircut that day and he was never there when I went back. 

So, today, I'm headed to the Walmart here.  We'll see what happens.  If I'm lucky, I'll come out looking like this:

or this:

(only darker with gray because I don't color my hair.)

If I'm not lucky, I'll come out like this:

Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Wal-Mart?! You go to Wal-Mart for your haircuts? GIRL, that's why! I've always been a firm believer in you get what you paid for. If the hair cut is cheap... Ahem, you get my drift. Go to a salon and give them a try. It'll be more expensive, but I guarantee you the cut will last longer and the stylist is likely to be a bit better.

    Sorry, bit of a hair snob, LOL.

  2. LOVE the Dillard cartoon. You need to come visit me. I will take you to Rhonda. She's done my hair for years. Have a picture? She can copy it. Have wicked bad hair? She can tame it with a cut. I trust her so much, when it's time for a new style, I walk in and say, "Have fun!" That's how I ended up with the current do. Well...sort of. I told her I wanted something edgy because it was a milestone birthday and I was changing my author image. I'm still wearing the cut five months later, with a couple of intervening trims in-between because my hair grows wicked fast when it's short.

    Can't wait to see what happens!

  3. LOL hair snob. Actually, Nat, I used to get my hair cut at a salon, but I got tired of throwing money away on crap cuts. When I pay $12 for a haircut, I don't expect much. And the gal who did it today did a good job. I have to play with it, but it's pretty close to the first picture.

    I'd love that, Silver, but 6 hrs for a haircut seems a tad extreme. I wish I had a gal like that again. I did in Michigan, but that was a lifetime ago. As far as I can tell, this looks good. I don't really care as long as it's not butchered. Hairstyle by Cuisinart ain't my thing. LOL

  4. Ooh, I hate getting my haircut - like you, I go in with a picture or a description and come out with anything but! I've been known to be a Hair Whore - a new stylist every time!

    But now I have Richard! I'm in love with Richard! I will be moving to where every he moves (if he moves) so that I will never have to find another stylist - ever! And the best thing is he charges way less than a salon (yeah, I, too, hate throwing money away on a style that I didn't ask for, looks fine that day, but don't ask me to recreate it - or find the time to recreate it - every day I'm on my own!).

    Did you post a picture of your haircut somewhere? Would love to see it :)

  5. I am totally copying haircut number one. I love that. I want it. Except not quite as blonde, even though I do have mine colored.
    And if my hairdresser here doesn't do it right, I'll drive to wherever the heck BFE you are, so I can have your Walmart hairdresser do me.

  6. I haven't posted any pics yet, Janet. I still need to see if I can make it look good by myself. Be glad you have Richard. A good stylist should be treasured. =o)

    I hope you do try it, Teri. Let me know how it turns out for you. I found both pics by googling 'hairstyles' and going to Images. It seems simple enough any good stylist should be able to recreate it, but you're welcome to go to Berryville, AR. Except I didn't get the gal's name and they don't take appointments.

  7. I desperately want a haircut. But my hair is so fine and thin I'm afraid I'll look bald if I get it cut half as short as I want it. When I scrape it back and confine it in a (tiny) bun, at least my scalp doesn't show. Sigh.

    I'm looking forward to your photo!