Friday, July 19, 2013

Close Encounter of the Tick Kind

So there I was in the Walmart having a lovely conversation with this delightful old lady - about dishwasher detergent and what additives are best for hard water (yeah, I do things like that - and we agreed on Lemi-shine).  As she was talking, I noticed something crawling through her short, white hair.  I looked closer and it was a big, black tick.  So I said "Oh, hold still darlin'.  You have a tick in your hair."  And she did, so I took it out.  I put it on the ground to squish it, but she went after it, trying to kill it with her fingernail.  That didn't work, so she was all matter-of-fact saying "I'll just pull it's head off."  End of the tick.  She couldn't imagine where it came from.  Neither could I - she was immaculate. 

And yeah, I apologized and told her I don't usually ask to put my hands in strangers' hair.  But I couldn't just let her wander off with that thing on her.  :shudder:  She was cool with it.  She thanked me, we finished our conversation, and off she went.

What would you do if you saw a complete stranger with a tick on them?

As an aside, I would just like to say I love listening to the local children talk.  It's like walking around on the set of To Kill a Mockingbird


  1. I think I'd do the same! I couldn't let anyone walk away with a tick creeping around anywhere on them. Shudder!

  2. I tell ya, Deb, I was torn for a sec there. But I know if I had one on me, I'd want someone to say something. And get it off! ewewew

  3. *shudders* GET IT OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!

    Yep, that sums up my feelings pretty well, I believe.

  4. Haven't been bitten by a tick and later develop Lyme disease, you bet I'd warn someone.

  5. Exactly, Nat. And yes... yes it does. ;o)

    OMG, Maria. Sorry that ever happened to you. :hugs: