Thursday, May 23, 2013

Picture Pause - Fairy Oak and Baby Bird

When we were in the process of buying this place, I sent some pictures of it out to friends.  Silver James wrote back and told me this was called a Fairy Oak.  (I think... she'll correct me in comments if I'm wrong). 

Anyway, here's a pic of the tree as of yesterday.  It's so nice now that it has it's leaves. 

And because I'm so happy to have seen this, I thought you'd like to see it, too:

This is the third attempt at a nest for my Eastern Phoebe couple, and the second batch of eggs.  At least with this batch, we know at least one hatched.  I think I shall call him Spike.  (Sorry the pic's a bit fuzzy, but the nest is up under the deck, so I had to use the zoom and then hold the camera at a weird angle.)


  1. Awww! I had to click on the picture to get it bigger in order to see Spike!! I hope the little ones do well!!

  2. Thanks, JB!

    Thanks, Janet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them. =o)

  3. Technically, that's more likely a "golden oak"--especially if it puts off gold fuzz in the spring as it buds out. But we've always called old growth oaks looking like that one "fairy oaks" because I'm convinced mystical critters of all sorts gather beneath, around, and in them. :D

    I'm hoping the nest and the baby survive! How fun to watch him grow.

  4. Our tree identification book arrived today, Silver. It's a white oak, but I like the 'fairy oak' idea.

    Thanks. I hope he makes it. Phoebes are awesome bug catchers.

  5. Welcome to Spike! He's darling.

    I love the term Fairy Oak. It's just perfect for that kind of tree.

  6. Aw! Spike is so cute. I hope he makes it.