Thursday, May 2, 2013

The New Office - First Draft

So, my daughter was asking for pics of the new house, so she could squee over it.  We're nowhere near finished, but I did take pics of the new office.  It's totally in what I'm calling the 'first draft' phase.  The basics are in, but it needs some editing before I can call it finished.

And here it is:


These are all views from my desk.  Mine's in the corner, facing east.  Hubs' is in the corner next to me, facing south.  (I got the window.)  When it's not such a disaster area in this corner, I'll post pics of this side, too.

Now understand that this room was built to be the master bedroom of this house.  So in that last pic, the door on the right leads into the closet (our new storage room) and the door on the left is the en suite bathroom (which is my bathroom - because it's the biggest and the prettiest).  The door on the green wall, however, leads into the kitchen.  It suited our purposes better to make this the office.  I mean, who wants a bedroom off the kitchen?  Plus, it's the only way to access the sun room and the deck - unless you want to traipse through the garage. This totally works better for us.

By the way, if you're needing a big table to spread your work out on, I totally recommend the one we have there in the middle of the room.  It was inexpensive (as conference tables go) and super easy to assemble.  Those bookshelves are pretty inexpensive and kinda easy to assemble, too.  Walmart all the way, baby.

Anyway, we're settling in.  Having all my books out where I can see them and pet them helps. 

What's your office look like?  Truth be told, this is the first I've had a real home office.  Before, my desk was always stuffed into a corner in the dining room. 


  1. It's fabulous! I love the idea of having the master bedroom used as the office...after all with any luck, it's the room where you spend the most waking hours. Congrats!

  2. Office? I have a desk in a spare bedroom that I use to pay the bills, but it's far from an office. All my writing is done on the couch in the family room. And yeah, it's quite messy around my area!

    But your room looks great. I can't imagine having a bedroom off the kitchen either. Makes you wonder what the architect was thinking (easy trip for those midnight snacks??).

  3. Very nice. Much better as an office than a master bedroom. And all that space. Have fun editing your first draft!

  4. Ooh, pics of the new house. I can't wait to see the view you have from your desk, B.E.!!

    Great idea turning the room into an office for both of you, especially when it offers access to the deck! Loving the fact you now have an office :)

    My office is one of the spare rooms, desk faces the window and I painted the walls mauve (lilac purple, really). I love my office - would love it more if it was strictly for writing, but the Day Job takes place there, too!

  5. Thanks, JB! Yeah, we don't hang out in the bedroom. Hubs does his stuff on his computer; I do my stuff on mine. The office is where most of the magic happens.

    Right now, Stacy, most of my writing is done sitting in the recliner in the front room, but it all has to be transferred to here. LOL, I didn't think of that. Midnight snacks would be pretty easy with the kitchen right there.

    Thanks, Karyn. It is pretty huge to be just a bedroom. I will have fun. So much to decorate!

    LOL, Janet. With those room-darkening drapes, I don't have a view. (They're hard to open and close.) But that helps keep me focused. And if I want a view, I'm right next to the french doors that lead to the sunroom. (yes, there's a window in my house that looks out into another room in the house - the sunroom was a later addition.) Ooo, lilac would be pretty.

  6. Our master is right off the kitchen. The Only's room was across the eat-in kitchen, down a short hall next to the full bath and door to the garage. The guest room is on the other corner of the house. Our house is basically a square. Once Only married and moved out, I took over her room as my office. Before then, it was out in the poorly constructed Florida room--no heat or air. Ugh! Only STILL has a bunch of stuff here, but I've carved out a corner that is mine and I'm happy. I can look out the north window to see traffic and some of the yard. I do sort of miss the view from the old office. The bird feeders are out there.

    Love the new house, B.E.! Take your time making it your "home." That way, it's done right. :D

  7. That's a handsome office! I totally agree with your decision.

    I put my sewing room in the Master bedroom, and my bed in the smallest room. I only sleep in that room; why waste all that space? :-)

  8. Good for you for redefining your space to suit your needs.

    I love my office. My desk faces floor to ceiling windows that look out into the forest. I am always happy in that room.

  9. Looks lovely! I can't wait to see it change and grow =)

  10. That is a HUGE and awesome office! Using the master bedroom was a cool idea - especially with two of you sharing. And how nice of your husband to let you have the window!

    Lovvvveeee the bookshelves.

    I will have an office when I move in a few months... but for now... my bed with a lap desk is my 'office' LOL.