Friday, May 10, 2013

On the Trail Again


I'm on the submission trail again.  Over on QueryTracker*, I'm working through the list of agents that represent suspense - prioritizing who gets queries in what order, and who I'm not going to query because they're not a good fit.  200 agents.  Tonight I got through page 4, which means 160 down and 40 to go.  I had planned on not querying any of them until Monday, but I found two today that seemed like such a good fit, I couldn't help but shoot queries right off to them. 

I'll get those other 4 done tomorrow morning and then set it all aside so I can get some re-writing done on RTL.

And maybe talk the husband into a drive somewhere or a walk or something. 

Monday, I'll pare down the top half of the agents and send out queries to a select group of those.  More a day or two after that, and so on, until I get a nibble or I feel like I need to re-adjust my query.  (Not again, please for the sake of all that's holy, not again.) 

What am I querying?  Dying Embers.  It's gotten some positive nibbles in the past, but I always just wimped out after too-few rejections.  This time I'm gonna ride that horse until she drops, and then I'm going to drag the carcass across the finish line.  This sucker will be published if I have to do it my own goddamned self.  So there.  Everyone who's read it loved it - and they weren't even family.  Some of them were even published authors.  Double so there.  =op

Yeah, I'm feeling a little immature and bratty tonight.  You wanna make somethin' of it**? 


Have a great weekend, if I don't see ya around the webs.

*If you don't use QueryTracker, you really should try it.  And if you try it and like it, it's worth paying for the premium membership.  Seriously worth it.

** All in jest, I assure you.  Which just underscores the fact that I am full of piss and vinegar... vim and vigor tonight.


  1. Definitely saucy, B.E.! Good on you - go for it. And might I suggest you check out: ? He lists new agents, agents looking for clients, etc. A couple of days ago he announced information on a new agency headed up by Laurie McLean with 5 agents all looking for clients.

    Good luck. And have a great weekend :)

  2. I saw that Laurie McLean was with a new agency and they're looking for clients. She's on the list. Still, I'll head on over to Quick Brown Fox and see what they've got going on. Thanks, Janet! I hope you have a great weekend, too. =o)

  3. I think you need to have an attitude to query agents lol. Not too much of one, of course, but you've gotta be tough to take the rejections--and play the waiting game.

    Good luck! I hope you have a nice weekend =)

  4. Re:...and then I'm going to drag the carcass across the finish line.

    ROTFL! That's the spirit. I've dragged many a carcass in my time. Sometimes that's the only way to get things done.